Underage Drinking and Drunk Driving

You never think it will happen to your family. It's only been a story on the news – teenagers were drinking alcohol, someone lost control of a car, and young lives were cut short.

The truth is that the devastation caused by underage drinking and driving can strike anyone, at any time. Every day, teenagers put themselves and others at risk when they drink and drive.

Underage Drinking: A Serious Problem

underage drinking statistics

Statistics show that underage drinkers often consume more alcohol at a time than adults over 21. Binge drinking can lead to brain injuries, addiction to alcohol, or even death.

Many teens and young adults think they can drive after a "few" drinks, but the facts don't lie. Nearly one-third of all drunk driving deaths happen to people ages 16-20.

Plus, drinking and driving isn't just dangerous to you. You're a hazard to everyone on the road.

Adults: Do You Know Pennsylvania's Social Host Law?

Adults who make alcohol available to minors under age 21 are considered ‘social hosts' under Pennsylvania's Social Host Law. Simply put:

  • If you provide alcohol to a minor and that minor is injured or killed in an accident, you can be held responsible.
  • If you provide alcohol to a minor and that minor kills or injures anyone else, you can be held responsible.

Even if you're lucky and no accidents or injuries occur, know that providing alcohol to minors is a third degree misdemeanor. You could face hefty fines and even jail time.

We're Committed to Reducing Underage Drinking and Driving Accidents

Our law firm leads various efforts to reduce the number of drunk driving and underage drinking tragedies. We encourage you to help us educate teens and their families:

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