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What is a Complicated Injury Case?

Complex injury cases involve serious injuries with multiple defendants. They’re essentially several cases within one case. Here are a few examples:

A worker on a construction site is badly injured in a stairway collapse. There may be a case against the general contractor and carpentry subcontractor for negligent construction, the construction manager for failure to inspect, the owner for failure to disclose known dangers, the architect for negligent design, and a product manufacturer for a defective product.

A client is hit by a tractor-trailer in a construction zone. The truck hadn't been properly maintained and the construction zone didn't have the correct signage. This case could involve the trucking company, insurance companies, and the party responsible for the construction zone signs.

Your personal injury attorney must be prepared for all possible scenarios from the beginning. This isn’t something every attorney can do. It takes the experience that comes with handling a number of complex personal injury cases in the past. Our results prove that we understand what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.


You must trust your personal injury attorney. They will make important decisions that will affect you and your family for years to come. You should feel comfortable with their accomplishments, experience, and how they've handled previous cases.

Hiring the wrong personal injury attorney can have serious, permanent consequences. An attorney without enough experience won’t know how to properly plan your case and may make bad early decisions that impact the outcome. For example, they may fail to present or preserve necessary evidence to prove your case. This could decrease the value of your claim. It may even destroy your case.

Personal injury attorneys need adequate resources to successfully handle complicated claims. We only hire the best experts and utilize state-of-the-art resources to help us build your case.

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