Take a Stand Against Drunk Driving

Our Law Firm Fights Drunk Driving Every Day

Edgar Snyder & Associates has always advocated safe driving. That's why we're involved with many different programs in the community that educate people on drinking and driving prevention and consequences. It's important to remember that we can all help put an end to drunk driving accidents – they are one of the few truly preventable accidents.


Edgar Snyder & Associates Save a Life Tour

  • With a first-of-its kind DUI simulator and gripping personal testimony, students across the region were able to experience this powerful program that shows them the realities of drunk driving.

Pittsburgh Summer Beerfest

  • Edgar Snyder & Associates was proud to be the Designated Driver Sponsor at the 2014 Pittsburgh Summer Beerfest.

Teen Driver Safety Summit

  • Attorney Edgar Snyder talked about his experience with distracted driving accidents and cases to over 200 western Pennsylvania high school students at the 2013 Youth Involved Education of Legal Drivers (YIELD) Teen Driver Safety Summit.

Lake Erie Pride

  • Edgar Snyder & Associates supports Lake Erie Pride, a group of high school students in the Erie community that advocate for healthy and safe lifestyles and education in their area. For more information on Lake Erie Pride, visit their website.

Road Radio USA

  • Our law firm was honored to team up with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC to present Road Radio USA, a community presentation that aims to prevent underage drinking and drug use.

Take a Cab in Blair County

  • Going out on New Year's Eve in Blair County? Along with WTAJ-TV and Pyramid Healthcare, Edgar Snyder & Associates sponsors this service to provide a safe and cost-free ride home for anyone who has had too much to drink.



Infographics and Safety Tips

  • Check out and share our infographics so you and your loved ones can prevent drunk driving in any season or situation.
  • Because holiday parties can include alcohol, we've created specific holiday safety tips and responsible party host kits to prevent your parties from going south.


  • You've probably seen Attorney Edgar Snyder pointing at you somewhere when you're driving in Pennsylvania. What better way to remind drivers to not drink and drive than on the road?



  • You can hear the familiar sound of Attorney Edgar Snyder's voice through the radio waves as he promotes our firm's safe driving message all holiday season long.
  • Around prom season, we team up with Hot 92 and Hot 100 radio stations for the BuzzFree Prom Pledge to help promote prom night safety in central Pennsylvania schools.

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