Factory Accidents

Injured While Working at a Factory?

Factories and manufacturing plants provide jobs for over 12 million Americans. These jobs contribute to building the backbone of our country. However, the unfortunate truth is that nearly ½ million workers are injured every year in accidents related to manufacturing and factory occupations.

If you've been hurt in a factory accident, call our legal professionals today at 412-668-5335 or complete the form located in the top right corner. We'll review your case for free and answer all your legal questions. We're committed to getting you the money you deserve for your factory accident injuries. Whether it's a workers' compensation claim or something more, we're here to get what you deserve.

We Handle All Types of Factory Accidents

Factories can be a bustling, hectic workplace. They're often filled with large machinery and loud noises. If something goes wrong, there are many different types of accidents that can cause serious injuries, including:

Whether you work in machinery manufacturing, at a food processing plant, in plastics manufacturing, or anything in between, our experienced attorneys will fight to get you the money you need.

Who's Responsible for Your Injuries?

After a factory accident, your injury may be covered by workers' compensation. However, there are often circumstances that may allow you to seek further compensation for Social Security disability benefits or a personal injury lawsuit. This is often referred to as a Third Party Liability.

Our experienced legal professionals will help you determine the best course of action for your injury case. For decades, we've fought to recover over $1 billion dollars for our injured clients. Visit out verdicts and settlements page for examples of the cases we've won.

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