Equipment Failure

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Heavy machinery, construction tools, and other types of equipment are all dangerous under normal circumstances. When they're not properly maintained or are designed with safety defects, their safety risks are even greater. This type of equipment failure can result in catastrophic or potentially fatal injuries.

If you were injured by dangerous or defective equipment that failed, we know this injury affects your life in a big way, especially if you can't work and have expensive medical bills piling up. We have helped people just like you, and we'll put our expertise to work to help you get your life back.

Any faulty equipment that causes serious injury becomes important pieces of evidence in your case. After hospital trips and possible surgeries, it's hard to tell where that evidence ends up. Most times, it's left at the accident scene, which is quickly cleaned and cleared by your employer. This is how evidence disappears in many product injury cases, and it can make the difference for whether or not you have a case.

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Equipment Failure Causes Dangerous Accidents

Equipment failure can be caused by failure to maintain or inspect equipment, design defects that inhibit safety features, or other factors. No matter what the case, equipment failure is a serious safety hazard to workers.

Maintenance, Inspection, and Training

All worksite equipment needs to be regularly inspected and maintained for safe usage. Workers should also be trained and supervised while using potentially hazardous tools or machines. If not, the equipment can cause dangerous accidents.

Defective Equipment

Workplace equipment should be carefully designed and come with instructions and warnings to protect worker safety. Using defective equipment is a serious safety hazard. If you were injured because of a dangerously designed tool or piece of machinery, you may have a third-party claim. This is an additional claim against another party that is not your employer.

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