Worksite Injuries

Injured at Your Worksite?

Industrial sites can be a minefield of dangerous machinery and neglected regulations, which often result in accidents that cause serious injuries to workers. Whether you were injured from a falling object or pinned from negligent use of equipment, you could be entitled to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Your life after sustaining an injury can feel like its been turned upside down. We're here to help put everything back in place and recover money for your injuries. We'll consider your future needs, the income lost due to your injury, and your quickly accumulating medical bills.

If you've been injured in an industrial accident, it's important to call an attorney as soon as possible. Evidence disappears quickly from a worksite, and your employer may destroy or discard useful items for your case. By calling us, our legal professionals will take the steps needed to preserve the evidence from your accident.

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Common types of injuries

Because there are so many different hazards that exist, worksite injuries vary wildly in industrial fields. Our firm has experience working with all injury types, including:

Back, Shoulder or Neck Injuries

Back injuries are some of the most common on industrial worksites and can be caused by slips, falls, mishandling heavy equipment or other accidents.

Brain / Head Injuries

Brain injuries can occur from falling objects, slips and falls, or equipment malfuctioning when not properly maintained.

Broken / Fractured Bones

Broken bones can occur when a worker is pinned or crushed by machinery, falls or slips, or is injured from equipment failure.


Burns can happen if there is a fire or explosion, but can also be the result of handling dangerous chemicals.

Caught-in/between, Crushed or Pinned

These injuries occur when machinery malfuctions or if a truck or crane accident pins/crushes the worker.


Electrocutions happen when live or faulty wiring isn't marked, or it fails to meet regulations.

Exposure to harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals can cause burns, eye injuries, and other possible illnesses when handled by workers.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can be the result of harmful chemicals, flying debris, or falling objects.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is generally a result of sustained, loud noises. However, hearing loss can be caused by many other accidents as well.

Loss of Limbs

Amputation, or loss of limbs, occurs when equipment malfuntions, tools aren't handled properly, or from many other serious accidents.


Mesothelioma is caused by the exposure to hazardous chemicals, particularly asbestos, present in many worksites.

Scars or Disfigurement

Scars and disfigurement can be the result of truck or crane accidents, using unsafe equipment, malfuctioning machinery, falling objects, or many other workplace accidents.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are generally the result of slips, falls, or being crushed/caught between equipment – among other accidents.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death can occur under many circumstances involving worksite accidents such as falls, being crushed, equipment malfuction and more.

If you've suffered from an injury while working at your industrial job, call our attorneys today. We'll seek the maximum amount of money for you injuries. There are many things to consider if you've been injured on a worksite. You might have a workers' compensation claim, a Social Security Disability claim, or a personal injury lawsuit – or a combination of all three. Our legal professionals can help you understand your options, and, if you hire us, we'll get to work right away.

Check Out Our Verdicts & Settlements

We're proud to say that we've recovered millions of dollars for our clients who have been injured on industrial worksites. Severe injuries can change your life and come with unexpected future medical costs. We want to make sure that you get the money you deserve to cover your present and future costs.

Here are some settlements we've achieved:

$1,100,000 – Our client was operating an overhead crane when the crane hit a live wire, electrocuting him. He suffered electrocution injuries to his hand and arm.

$2,000,000 – Our client was loading bricks into a backhoe when the backhoe operator struck the client with the backhoe's boom, pinning the client between the backhoe and a dumpster.

$9,000,000 – Our client was working when he fell from an overhead conveyor and suffered multiple injuries.

We're committed to recovering the compensation you need to take care of medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. Call us now for a free consultation.

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