Weird Traffic Laws Around the Country

Think a Speeding Ticket is Bad? Check Out These Odd Traffic Laws

Maybe you've heard some before – odd laws that were made long ago but never got wiped from the record books. We'll bet they served a purpose at one point, but the following laws are just plain odd in comparison to today's standards.

Remember, we're advocates of following the law, so make sure you know your area's ordinances before you set out on the road, and always remember to abide by speed limits, driving laws, and licensing practices.

10 Weird U.S. Traffic Laws

1. In Denver, It's Illegal to Drive a Black Car on Sunday

Weird Traffic Laws

If you're visiting Colorado, make sure you rent or own the right color car. Otherwise, you'll be stuck at home for your Sunday drive.

2. Don't Leave Sheep Unattended in Montana

Don't leave your sheep in the back of your truck while living in Montana. You might get hit with a hefty fine, and that would be BAAAH-d news.

3. In California, You Can Only Shoot Whales From Your Vehicle

That's right. You can only shoot whales from the window of your car. All other animals are forbidden. Though, if you're committed to whale hunting while in California, we'd recommend a boat.

4. Alaskan Law Prevents You From Strapping Your Pup to the Roof

Weird Traffic Laws

The roof of your car can hold many things: luggage, bikes, or canoes; but the one thing you can't strap to the top of your car is the family pup if you're riding through Alaska. Come to think of it, we don't recommend putting the dog on the roof of your car in any state.

5. Rhode Island Requires You to Make Noise When Passing

Sometimes you need to pass another vehicle. Just make sure you give that car a courtesy beep before you go around them. Otherwise, the Rhode Island state troopers might hit you with a fine.

6. Yield to Pedestrians on the Sidewalk in Oregon

Truth be told, we'd recommend sticking to the streets when you're out driving. But the state of Oregon decided to make sure everyone knew who owned the sidewalks – as you might guess, it's the pedestrians.

7. Running on Empty? Not in Youngstown, Ohio

Weird Traffic Laws

Don't get caught with an empty fuel tank in Youngstown, otherwise you'll get hit with the ticket. Gas may be expensive, but it's probably still cheaper than a traffic ticket.

8. If You're Going Over 65 MPH, Don't Bail Out in California

It's illegal to jump out of a moving car that's exceeding 65 mph. Moreover, it's against the law for a driverless car to go faster than 60 mph.

9. It's Illegal to Spit From Your Car in Georgia, But Not Your Truck

Spitting from your car is grounds for a fine in Georgia. But if you're in a truck, feel free to festoon the roads with your spittle. We just wouldn't recommend crossing the street in your bare feet.

10. Visiting Rockville, Maryland? Make Sure You Don't Curse

Weird Traffic Laws

If you have a touch of vocal rage when you're out on the road, you'll need to switch up your vocabulary in Maryland. You can get a ticket for using foul language in the city of Rockville.

Know the Traffic Laws and Stay Safe

While some of these odd laws are outdated, they still exist. It's important to use your best judgment when you're driving, especially while visiting a new state.

If you know of any other odd laws from your area, feel free to submit them to our Marketing Team. In the meantime, stay safe and obey the traffic laws in your area. If you're ever injured in a car accident, our attorneys are here to help.

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