Off-Season Motorcycle Tips

Make the Most of Your Motorcycle This Off-Season

After motorcycle season, many riders pack their bikes away until the weather breaks. We suggest you make the most of your time off by upgrading your equipment, your bike, and even yourself. Below, we've compiled a short list of simple ideas to upgrade during your off-season.

Even with preparation and caution, accidents can still happen. We know that motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries and can change lives forever. If you're hurt in a motorcycle accident, call our legal professionals for a free case review. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us at 412-851-6082 or fill out our free online legal consultation located in the top right corner of this page.

These Tips Will Upgrade Your Off-Season

Follow these easy tips to get the most out of your motorcycle downtime and keep you looking forward to the riding season:

  • Safety Course – Brushing up on safe driving habits is a great way to spend your motorcycle off-season. Enroll in a spring safety course ahead of time to guarantee yourself a spot.
  • Tune Up – Take your motorcycle to a licensed mechanic for an official tune up. Getting your bike checked before motorcycle season can keep you safe from serious problems when you start to ride again.
  • In With the New? – Your mechanic gave you a long laundry list of problems with your bike? If that's the case, the off-season is the perfect time to research and save up for that new bike you've wanted.
  • Gear Up – The right riding attire can make a huge difference when you're out on your bike. Take some time in the off-season to see if you need to upgrade any of your riding gear.
  • Motorcycle Clubs – A great way to meet like-minded motorcyclists is through various clubs and organizations. Meet some new riders and plan your next group trip during the off-season.
  • Review Your Insurance – The off-season is a great time to examine your motorcycle insurance and make any changes you need. Remember, accidents can happen to the safest of driver, so it's always good to be prepared.

We suggest you keep these few tips in mind during your off-season. While the snow falls and the plow trucks dump their salt, you can be planning your next cross-country ride or researching the purchase of a new bike. Whatever your off-season holds for you, we hope you'll be ready for safe riding when the warm weather comes. Check out our Motorcycle Safety Checklist before you hit the road again this spring.

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