Rudberg Law Offices Merge with Edgar Snyder & Associates

Lawyers Focused on Work Injury Law, Workers Compensation, and More

Rudberg Law Offices is pleased to announce the merger with Edgar Snyder & Associates, combining their individual experience and resources to provide the best possible legal representation to those who are injured by no fault of their own.

Committed to the Working People of Pennsylvania

The working men and women of Pennsylvania deserve unequaled personal and professional representation for the life-changing injuries or diseases that can occur at work or due to third-party wrongdoing. With the merger of Rudberg Law Offices and Edgar Snyder and Associates, there is an ironclad commitment to the hard-working people in steel mills, industry, logistics, healthcare, and all manner of vocations.

Working people need to know their rights and be guided through the murk caused by employers and insurance companies regarding work comp, employment, and personal injury issues. The complexity of daily life can become insurmountable when a life-changing injury is visited upon a family through no fault of their own. We strongly believe that no injured person should be injured twice—first, by the injury itself and then by the dehumanizing treatment of the employer and the insurance company.

As a result of the merger with Edgar Snyder & Associates, clients will have access to:

  • Attorneys certified by the PA Bar Assn. Workers' Compensation Law Section as specialists in the specific practice of workers' compensation law
  • A fully-staffed Employment Discrimination Law division
  • A Social Security division
  • 35 lawyers with experience in all aspects of plaintiffs and personal injury law
  • An extensive team of investigators, including former law enforcement professionals, who know exactly what to look for when building a case
  • Experience in Toxic Exposure
  • Multiple, conveniently located office locations
  • The ability to travel to you when you need us most
  • An in-house medical records department that coordinates medical information critical to clients' cases
The working men and women of this region deserve unparalleled legal representation when they suffer a life-changing injury or illness at work," said Attorney Signe Rudberg, founder of Rudberg Law Offices. "With this merger, we are committed to providing just that."

The Experienced Team of Professionals at Edgar Snyder & Associates

Established in 1982, Edgar Snyder & Associates has decades of experience handling even the most complicated cases. The firm has helped more than 75,000 injured people and recovered more than a billion dollars on behalf of its clients.

Clients who have questions can reach out to their current Rudberg Law Offices contact for more information or to discuss their case transition and options.

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