Product Safety & Manufacturer Responsibility

As Americans, we buy and use millions of products every day – at home, work, and on the go. From elevators and escalators to home appliances and tools, we trust these products to make our lives better. It may not occur to us that faulty and defective products could injure us, or even kill us.

Defective Products

The bottom line is that manufacturers are required to make safe products. You may have a product liability case against the manufacturer if:

  1. A product malfunctions, because it wasn't made properly. (Examples: exposed wire, metal hook snaps, helmet cracks upon impact, etc.)
  2. There is a design defect with the product. (Examples: A lack of a safety device on an exposed blade, a guard is missing from a toddler bed, etc.)
  3. The manufacturer fails to instruct and warn users about how to use the product, and about the product's potential dangers. (Examples: Lack of warnings about how not to use a product and failure to warn about risks.)

When a product is considered ‘defective,' and the manufacturer is made aware, they must do several things to correct the problem. They must eliminate the known defect and create a new product design. They also must provide safety devices and be proactive in searching for new problems. Finally, they must give adequate instructions about how to use the product and put warning stickers on the product advising consumers about potential dangers.

Suppliers and distributors also have a responsibility for keeping products free of damage while in their possession and during delivery. If they fail to do so, they can be held liable for your injuries as well.

Think You Were Injured by a Defective Product?

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