Steps to Take After an Accident

Know What to Do After a Product Injury Accident

It's important to know the right steps to take after you've been injured from a faulty or defective product. We know that each situation is unique, but there are some general guidelines to follow after your accident. By doing so, it will help preserve the important details and crucial evidence for your case.

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Steps to Take After a Product Injury

Seek Medical Attention

Visit a doctor or emergency room as soon as possible. Nothing is more important than your health or the health of a loved one.

By visiting a doctor, you are creating documentation for any injuries caused by the defective product. These medical records will be important for building your case.

Preserve the Evidence

Make sure you keep the faulty or defective product. If you can, make sure to keep any wrapping, instruction manuals, or packaging that the product came with, as well as proof of purchase receipts.

Store your evidence somewhere safe and be sure to take photos if you're able. Evidence is the cornerstone to any successful case. The more you have, the faster your claim may be resolved.

Contact Us Immediately

Now that you have the evidence, contact our legal professionals. With over 35 years of success and experience, we'll fight to recover the maximum amount of money for your injuries.

By hiring our attorneys, we'll protect the scene of the accident and make sure all the evidence is collected, examined, and accounted for after your accident.

Let Us Handle the Hassles for You

We've helped over 75,000 injured clients recover the money they deserved for their injuries. With experience, dedication, and hard work, we'll get you the compensation you need and take care of the hassles while you get better.

Manufacturers will have teams of aggressive attorneys standing by to work their case. We won't let them push you around or bully you into an unfair settlement. We'll stand up for you and protect your legal rights.

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