Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

What to Do if You're Caught in the Rain

Most motorcyclists will avoid riding in the rain at all costs. It's the easiest way to prevent putting yourself in danger. However, sometimes the rain is inevitable. It's during those rides that you have to be prepared for the inclement weather.

We've put together a few tips to keep you safe if you're riding in the rain. By following these helpful hints, you should be able to make it to your destination safe and sound – and await the dryer weather.

Visor Visibility

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

Your visibility is the first thing to diminish when you ride in the rain. That's why it's important to make sure your windscreen and visor are treated to wick water away as you ride.

There are plenty of aftermarket products you can use to keep your visibility up. Make sure you take into account possible fogging on your visor, and be sure to treat against it. Your ability to see will make all the difference on your ride.

Handling Your Hands

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

It's no surprise that if you ride in the rain, you're going to get cold. If you're riding in rainy weather, it's essential that you keep your hands as warm and dry as possible. They're responsible for operating the fine controls of your bike. If you lose feeling – or even experience delayed movement – you could find yourself in a serious accident.

Be sure to research the best gloves for riding in the rain. We recommend keeping this pair with you at all times when you ride. Rain can pop up unexpectedly, so it's important to be prepared. With the right gloves, you can make it to safety on a rainy day.

More Than a Raincoat

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

Any rider who's been caught in the rain knows that just any jacket won't keep you dry. It's important to have dedicated rain gear if possible. If that's not an option, make sure you choose a jacket that has built in rain protection.

The pants you choose are important as well, since they'll take the brunt of road water on your ride. Many experts recommend one-piece rain suits that act as jacket and pant combos. This will minimize gaps and keep water from getting in. Be sure to explore all your options.

Buying the Best Boots

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

Road water and rain will pummel your feet as you ride. Since your feet are responsible for shifting gears and applying the rear brake, it's important to keep them as dry and warm as possible. Finding the right boot can go a long way to keeping you safe on a rainy ride.

Be sure to have boots extend up into your pants. Find an appropriate boot spray or coating to help wick moisture away. Wool socks are the go-to choice for most wet riders. They'll keep your feet warm even after they get wet. Consider buying a pack or two for your colder rides.

Be Seen

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

It's important to remember that inclement weather will make it harder for other drivers to see you as well. Make sure you have reflective or bright material on your jacket, pants, and bike.

Be sure that your lights are working and on before you set out on a ride in the rain. Your visibility and your visibility to others should be a top priority any time your ride, regardless of the weather.

Stay Safe and Ride Smart

It's important to remember that riding in the rain creates a number of new hazards that might not exist while the sun is shining. So if you're a new or novice motorcycle rider, it might be best to wait out the storm. Be sure to look ahead, especially as the weather gets more and more unpredictable, to plan out your rides around nasty storms.

If you're uncomfortable or nervous as the weather worsens on your ride, pull over and wait out the storm. If you can't get off the road, be sure to take your time and make yourself seen. Your safety should always be your number one priority.

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