Motorcycle Riding in Construction Zones

Things to Remember When Riding in Constructions Zones

Road construction season and motorcycle season always coincide throughout the year. As the weather warms, you'll see more construction zones when you're out for a ride. We know you're no stranger to the bright orange work signs of a construction zone that tell us all to slow down and use caution. It's an essential warning as you travel through these zones, especially for motorcycle riders.

With uneven roads, loose gravel, or even debris littering your path, it's no surprise that motorcyclists need a heightened level of awareness in construction zones. One slight mistake and you could be seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

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Look Out for Work Zone Hazards

For bikers, any change to the road's surface could mean serious consequences. Since construction zones roads are constantly changing, it's important to keep an eye out for the following road hazards:

  • Rocks, debris, or loose gravel in the road
  • Drop-offs and uneven pavement
  • Exposed manhole covers
  • Shifting lanes
  • Pooling water
  • Traffic stopping suddenly
  • Workers near the road
  • Areas without shoulders
  • And more

Poor road conditions, negligent drivers, and poorly marked road changes can pose serious dangers for motorcyclists. Road awareness is extremely important when riding through work zones.

Know Construction Zone Laws

Construction zone violations are different from state to state. Did you know, in Pennsylvania, your fine doubles if you're cited in a marked construction area? Knowing the laws for marked work zones will help you save money and stay safe.

For a comprehensive list of state-by-state construction laws, visit the Work Zone Traffic Laws on the Governors Highway Safety Association website. There can be many differences between states.

For Example:

You're riding through Maryland and come upon a marked work zone without any workers present. You decide to maintain your current speed through the work zone. You can be pulled over and cited up to $1,000, even if there's no one at work. However, in Pennsylvania, the violations are only enforced if workers are present at the site.

We Have a History of Helping Bikers

Since 1982, we've been helping injured motorcyclists recover the money they deserve. We're proud to help bikers who have been hurt in serious motorcycle accidents. By successfully recovering verdicts and settlements for our clients, we can help them put their lives back together after severe injuries.

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Verdicts & Settlements

Our client suffered injuries after a vehicle made a left turn in front of him.


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