Motorcycle Passenger Accident

Were You a Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident?

What happens when what started out as an enjoyable motorcycle ride with a friend or loved one ends in painful injuries, medical bills, and lost time at work – or worse? Clearly you don't want to sue someone you care about, but the bills pile up fast. As the passenger, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and our law firm will help you sift through the confusion to get the money you need and deserve.

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"I Don't Want to Sue My Friend or Loved One"

We know you don't want to sue a friend or loved one if they were the driver of the motorcycle and cause the accident. That's ok. You won't. It's their insurance company that is responsible for paying for your injuries after a motorcycle accident. That's why we purchase motorcycle insurance – to protect ourselves should the unthinkable happen.

Worried about their insurance rates going up? It wouldn't be your fault. Premiums on at-fault drivers increase regardless of whether a claim is brought against the insurance company. In other words, the driver's rates will increase no matter what. You're not to blame.

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Here's another thought -- your friend or loved one would certainly want you to receive the help you need after an accident, wouldn't they? Imagine the guilt of knowing your actions caused pain for someone you care about. Wouldn't you want to do whatever possible to make things better?

When you're injured as a passenger, you shouldn't be stuck with the bill because of someone else's mistake. If your case involves a friend or family member, our team of experienced attorneys fights the insurance company. It's between our law firm and the insurance company – not a potential wedge between you and your friend or loved one.

The Other Vehicle's Driver Was Responsible

Being the passenger of a motorcycle accident can increase the complexity of your case, especially if the driver of another vehicle caused the accident. If the other vehicle's driver was at fault, you have to fight their insurance company to recover compensation for your injuries. If the other driver doesn't have adequate coverage, this complicates the situation even further.

Big insurance companies handle claims like this every day. They have teams of attorneys that protect the company's bottom line. Our legal professionals can fight to get you what's fair after an accident.

Here's an important tip – if the insurance company contacts you, don't say anything or sign anything. Contact an experienced attorney first. With a trusted attorney from Edgar Snyder & Associates at your side, we'll handle the hassles so you can focus on feeling better.

Don't Hesitate – Time is Against You

There may be time limits to make a claim for your motorcycle accident injuries. These are known as statutes of limitations. Furthermore, evidence and witnesses disappear fast. Contact us today.

Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations

gavel and scale

Statutes of limitations restrict the time period that a person can file a lawsuit.

A personal injury action must be filed within two years of the date when the injury occurred.

However, there is a "discovery rule," which, in limited cases, extends the time for filing a personal injury action.

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Don't Take the Insurance Company's Word

Relying on the insurance company to take care of you after an accident could leave you with the short end of the stick. They may give you a low-ball offer so you'll sign away your rights forever. What happens if your injuries require long-term care? If you agree to a cheap and quick settlement, how will you pay for recurring doctor visits, future surgeries and rehabilitation, as well as lost time at work?

An experienced attorney can protect your legal rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Not just any attorney is suited to go to bat for you in a motorcycle accident case. Trust the law firm with over 35 years of experience and millions of dollars recovered for their injured motorcycle clients. Trust Edgar Snyder & Associates.

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