Mental Health Disorders and SSD

Are you living with a mental health disorder? Are you unable to work and pay your bills?

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we know that dealing with a severe mental health condition is hard enough. You can't work or complete daily activities that most people take for granted. Even getting out of bed might be a chore.

If you applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplementary Security Income (SSI) and your application was denied, don't give up. We're here to get you the money you need to live while dealing with your mental health disorder.

Mental Health Disorders and Eligibility for SSD Benefits

Mental health disorders span from mild low spirits to delusions and hallucinations. With such a wide range of conditions, there are many classifications to describe mental illnesses.

There are certain criteria you must meet to be considered eligible for SSD or SSI benefits under the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Your mental health condition must be severe, and it must:

  • Keep you from working full-time
  • Have lasted, or is expected to last, for at least one year
  • Be life-threatening (especially when diagnosed with other disorders or diseases)

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However, meeting those three criteria doesn't mean you'll automatically be approved. Unfortunately, the SSA denies more than three-fourths of initial applications.

You should have had your mental health condition diagnosed by a psychiatrist – preferably a specialist. You also should be undergoing treatment and see the specialist on a regular basis. Doing so will increase your chances of being approved for SSD or SSI benefits.

Types of Mental Health Disorders

Some of the mental health conditions that may make you eligible for SSD benefits include:

  • Identity disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Sleep disorders

How Edgar Snyder & Associates Can Help You

If your mental health disorder prevents you from working or has been caused by another life-threatening condition, you may qualify for SSD or SSI benefits.

Applying for SSD benefits can be overwhelming and complicated. We can help you complete your application and answer any questions you may have.

If your application was denied, don't get discouraged. But you must act fast. You only have 60 days to appeal.

Trust our law firm to help you – we win the majority of claims we appeal for our clients.

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For more information on Social Security disability benefits, check out our Social Security disability articles and resources.

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