Do I Need an Attorney for My Motorcycle Accident?

Should You Hire an Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents are especially chaotic and destructive. They have the power to change lives and destroy futures. And just as chaotic is the aftermath of an accident when you've been severely injured. With big insurance companies beating down your door and medical expenses piling up, we know that you're already dealing with a lot.

That's why we're here. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced, professional, and tough enough to stand up to insurance companies that want you to settle for as little as possible. Our law firm has made a successful reputation by winning money for our injured clients. We're here to fight for the compensation you deserve.

For your free consultation, call us at 412-534-3260 or simply fill out our free online legal consultation located in the top right corner of this page. It's easy to complete, and there's absolutely no obligation to use our services.

Why You Might Need an Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents

Without legal representation, you could lose out on money that you deserve. The legal process is filled with confusing jargon and frustrating paperwork that can make your head spin. On top of all that, insurance companies have teams of aggressive lawyers standing by to settle their cases for cheap. It's easy to feel outnumbered.

We respect bikers, and we stand up for our clients. With your medical bills and lost wages piling up, we'll work to get you the maximum amount of money that you deserve for you motorcycle injury. We have decades of experience dealing with the tactics insurance companies' use to make you settle for cheap.

We generally tell all of our clients to remember these few tips:

  • Don't sign anything – Signing something could endanger your chance to recover money for your injuries. Consult an attorney before signing anything.
  • Don't let them record you – The insurance company will tell you it's for "accuracy purposes," but they will use it against you later. Just say, "No." It's your legal right.
  • Don't hesitate – In motorcycle accident cases, evidence can disappear quickly and make your case harder to prove. Don't wait any longer. Call us today.

We won't let bullheaded insurance companies push you around. Our team of experienced attorneys will fight for your legal rights, and we'll get you the money you deserve.

What Can a Lawyer Do for a Motorcycle Accident Case?

If you call us today, we'll review your case for free. We'll discuss your best options for compensation, and we'll answer any legal questions you may have.

There's no obligation to use our services after your free consultation. If you decide to hire our attorneys, we'll immediately begin building your case by:

  • Sending investigators to your accident scene
  • Determining the cause of the accident
  • Documenting and gathering evidence
  • Standing up to pushy insurance companies
  • Dealing with the hassle of complex paperwork

We're committed to our clients. We'll cover all the upfront costs, and you won't pay us a cent until we win your case.

Don't Hesitate – Contact Our Attorneys to Discuss Your Accident

Our legal professionals will review your case for free. Just call us at 412-534-3260 or simply fill out our free online legal consultation located in the top right corner of this page. Your consultation is absolutely free, and there's no obligation to use our services.

Call us today, and we'll get to work for you. Remember, there's never a fee unless we get money for you.

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