Defective Product Injuries

Injured by a Defective Product? We Can Help

Americans buy and use hundreds of manufactured products every year. We trust that they'll work safely and without problems. Whether it's toys for our children, car seats, appliances, tools, or any other product, we assume they are built with care and designed to work without risk of danger.

The truth is that sometimes products fail. When the products we trust don't perform as intended, they may cause serious injuries that could change your life forever.

Manufacturers build and ship billions of products each year, and, most of the time, they are safe to use. However, occasionally manufacturers issue recalls for defective, unsafe products and mislabeled items. If you've been injured, it's the manufacturer's responsibility for any harm their product caused to you or a loved one.

If a defective product has injured you, contact our legal professionals today. We'll review your case for free and determine your best course of action. Call us today at 412-618-1472 or simply complete our online intake form.

Product Liability—Who's at Fault?

One of the most important aspects of a product injury claim is determining who was liable for the defective item, or in plain English: Who is responsible for paying damages—which could include your current and future medical bills, compensation for lost wages, and pain and suffering. The liable party could be:

  • The manufacturer of the defective product
  • The distributer of the defective product
  • The company that manufactured defective product components

Another important factor in product liability cases is determining the nature of the defect. When you hire the experienced product liability attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates, we will determine which of three types of product defects caused your injury:

  • It is a design defect if a product design was—and is— inherently unsafe.
  • It is a manufacturing defect if the flaw occurred when the product was manufactured or assembled.
  • It is a marketing defect if the product was improperly labeled, or if there were incomplete instructions or insufficient safety warnings.

5 Things to Do After a Product Injury

The steps you take immediately following an accident caused by a defective product can greatly affect the success of your legal claim. Here are five steps to take after being injured because of a product defect:

  1. Get medical help. If you've been injured, seek medical attention. It's important to have a record of your injuries.
  2. Report the incident. Report the incident to your supervisor, and to your insurance company. However, it is important that you do not give a written or verbal statement, and never sign any paperwork before first speaking with an experienced attorney.
  3. Gather evidence. Take pictures of the accident scene, as well as the product that caused your accident. If anyone witnessed the accident, get there contact information. When you can, write down your recollection of the event—as well as what you were doing right before it happened.
  4. Stay off social media. We understand that it may be tempting to share details of your accident on social media. Receiving support from friends and loved ones is important, but we urge you to refrain from posting about your injuries on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Your words could be twisted and used against you—which could greatly affect the outcome of your case.
  5. Call Edgar Snyder & Associates. When it comes to product liability cases, timing is everything. Don't let valuable evidence disappear—call us today for a free case review. There's never an obligation to use our services, and there's never a fee unless we get money for you.

Products for Children

When we purchase toys, clothing, and personal care items for our children, we expect them to cause no harm. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. The sad truth is that defective products injure thousands of children each year.

If your child was seriously hurt because a product was mislabeled, or failed to include warnings about choke hazards, sharp objects, or another design flaw, you could be eligible for compensation.

Unfortunately, product liability cases are confusing, with complex paperwork and strict deadlines—which is where we come in.

We'll handle the hassles for you and make sure you recover the maximum amount of money for your case. Don't go it alone—insurance companies and big manufacturers will have teams of lawyers waiting to defend their clients. We can help. We'll protect your legal rights and fight for what your family deserves.

Vehicles and Automobile Products

An automobile crash can happen in an instant and change your life forever. Injuries can be severe, and getting the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, missed paychecks from time off work, and pain and suffering can be difficult.

The legal process is even more complex for victims of defective vehicles and automobile parts, who often go up against teams of corporate lawyers representing big-name companies.

If you or someone you care about was seriously injured after a vehicle or automobile part failed, and you want to file a legal claim, don't go it alone. Call the experienced product injury attorneys at Edgar Snyder & Associates today for a free case review. Our attorneys will handle every aspect of your case so you can concentrate on what's more important: Your recovery.

Work-Related Product Injuries

Employees hurt when work equipment malfunctions can be eligible for compensation for their medical bills, time off work, and even pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, filing a legal claim can be confusing—and is best navigated with the help of an experienced product injury attorney.

That's because you could be eligible for more than just Workers' Compensation. You could also have a legal claim against the manufacturer of the machinery that caused your injury.

If you or someone you care about has been injured on the job because of faulty equipment, don't delay. Product injury victims have limited time to file legal claims. The sooner you call Edgar Snyder & Associates for a free case review, the sooner we put our more than 30 years of experience to work for you.

Defective Medical Products

When you've been diagnosed with a health problem, you trust that commonly used medical products and devices will effectively help improve our health and in some cases, ease our pain.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes medical products or devices doctors and hospitals provide are defective or not properly tested by manufacturers for safety—which can cause serious and sometimes lifelong injuries.

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, our product injury attorneys know all too well the devastation caused by defective medical products. They include:

  • Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer
  • Transvaginal Mesh Complications

If you received one of these or another unsafe medical product, you may have a product liability case against the product manufacturer. That's where we come in—we fight for your well-being and legal rights. We are available 24/7—call us today for a free case review.

Help For Your Product Injuries

With over 35 years of experience, our attorneys know what it takes to protect your legal rights and recover the money you deserve. With over $1 billion dollars in verdicts and settlements, we know how to stand up to big manufacturers to get the compensation you need for your defective product injuries.

Contact us for a free legal consultation at 412-618-1472 or simply complete our simple online form. There's no fee when you call and no obligation to use our services. We're here 24/7 to get you the help you need.

Remember, there's never a fee unless we get money for you.

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