October 21, 2015

The Real Dangers in Halloween Movies

Halloween Movie Dangers

These Halloween Movies Are Scary For All the Wrong Reasons

We love Halloween. The cool breeze that rustles fallen leaves, kids trick-or-treating through the neighborhoods, and watching scary movies with friends and family. At our law firm, we always find it fun to watch spooky movies through a legal lens.

If you've ever wondered how Edgar Snyder would watch horror movies, check out how we see these Halloween classics and just what our law firm has to say about them.

Child's Play

Halloween Movie Dangers

In what we can only describe as the world's worst case of a defective toy, this 1988 horror classic features a doll that's been imbued with the spirit of a wanted criminal. Chucky the doll comes to life and wreaks havoc on little Andy and his family.

While we can't comment on the voodoo or supernatural aspects of the film, we can certainly say that a toy like Chucky would put the toy's manufacturer in some serious hot water. In fact, manufacturers can be held responsible for toys and other products that lead to serious injury. This is referred to as product liability and was developed to protect consumers. Thankfully, supernatural possession of a young boy's doll isn't a case we've ever seen in court.


Halloween Movie Dangers

This 1983 film adaption of a Stephen King novel brought the terror of rabies and dog bites to the forefront of many moviegoers' minds. Poor Cujo the dog starts this film as a sweet St. Bernard playfully chasing after a rabbit. Then, a rabid bat bites Cujo's nose and things take a dark and terrifying turn.

While this story takes a scary situation – a rabid dog – and extrapolates it to unbelievable proportions, in real life Cujo's owners would be held responsible for their dangerous dog.

Cujo contains plenty of scary situations for parents and kids alike. Fortunately, dogs rarely behave the way they do in this film. By following the leash laws of your state, you can keep your dogs and any visitors safe from rabid animals, bites, or worse.


Halloween Movie Dangers

As this horror flick points out, there are scarier things than teen drivers. In the adaptation of Stephen King's novel Christine, young Arnie finds the car of his dreams – which turns out to be everyone else's nightmare. After restoring an old 1958 Plymouth Fury, the car takes on a life of its own.

Meanwhile, Arnie goes from nerdy outcast to edgy teen, and, as he fixes the car, it becomes more dangerous. Is this movie an allegory for dangerous teen drivers? Not quite, but teen drivers are definitely a concern in real life.

Inexperienced and young drivers make up a startling number of car accidents in our country. While you won't have to worry about cars coming to life, teen driving accidents are still a concern among many.

Little Shop of Horrors

Halloween Movie Dangers

When you think of this 1986 horror-musical, you may think of the giant alien-plant with an insatiable appetite for people. We see a terrifying workers' compensation situation. Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of flower shop employee Seymour Krelborn. As the business struggles, Krelborn brings in an odd plant to save the shop. As it turns out, this plant feeds on people and has designs on world domination.

This little plant grows and poses a serious threat to the employees of the flower shop. After all the dust settles, Krelborn and his co-worker Audrey may have a serious claim for workers' comp.

Thankfully workers don't have to worry about extraterrestrial plants in the real world. Unfortunately, they're still plagued by dangerous job sites, falling objects, and other workers' compensation hazards.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Season

We're committed to keeping Halloween safe and fun for everyone. Be sure to check out our Halloween safety Infographic for ideas on safe trick-or-treating. From everyone at our law firm, enjoy the Halloween season.

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