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Published on Sep 05, 2013 by Edgar Snyder

School Bus Safety: It's Not Just for Kids

driving behind school bus

It's back-to-school time! I'm a father and a grandfather myself, and if you're anything like me, you still get a little nervous no matter how many years you have been sending your children off to school. Will they make new friends? Will they do their best in class? Most importantly, will they be safe?

We trust schools to take care of our children the minute they step off the curb and onto the bus. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, so our law firm did some research on school bus accidents so that we could share safety tips and statistics. We're also promoting the school bus and zoning laws.

It's important to remind our children school about bus safety, but it's equally important we refresh our own knowledge of school bus safety tips and laws. Our firm put together an infographic with fun facts and safety tips for you to reference before school starts.

We also created an infographic to remind drivers about school bus and zone laws and penalties. Remember, if you break the school bus or school zone laws, it will cost you.

With both students and teachers heading back to school, there's going to be more traffic on the roads. Be cautious when driving as always, but if you walk to your destination, you can refer to our third new infographic for valuable information about pedestrian safety.

In addition to our new infographics, you can also check out our new animated safety video below.

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