Winter & Holiday Safety

lit holiday tree

Keep You and Your Love Ones Safe This Holiday Season

When the weather chills and the snow begins to the fall, winter ushers in the holiday season. From gift exchanges to holiday parties, family get-togethers to snowy activities, there are plenty of fun festivities to look forward to this holiday season.

We know that winter safety hazards are the last thing you want to consider in the midst of your seasonal mirth. However, accidents happen and are especially common when the weather conditions get blustery.

Winter Safety Tips

Icy roads and walkways, defective toys and products, and drunk driving partygoers are just a few of the safety concerns that arise this time of year. We've compiled a list of tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday.

Holiday Safety Starts at Home

Outdoor Safety

The winter season brings harsh weather, cold temperatures, and snow and icy conditions. Understand your responsibilities, otherwise known as premises liability, regarding snow and ice removal at your home.

Remember to:

  • Keep sidewalks and walkways clear
  • Use salt or ice removal products
  • Secure handrails and railings
  • Fix any broken or crumbling steps
  • Provide plenty of light on pathways
  • Use caution when climbing ladders

Indoor Safety

Decorations are a huge part of many family's holiday traditions. However, hanging lights, running cords through your home, and faulty or defective decorations can pose serious risks to your and your family.

Be sure to:

  • Take care of any loose wires
  • Make sure hanging decorations are secure
  • Don't overload your electrical outlets
  • Use precaution when stringing or hanging decorations
  • Keep breakable decorations away from kids
  • Check all decorations and lights for defects

Hurt During the Holidays?

We know the holidays can be hectic enough without an injury. But the unfortunate truth is that accidents still happen, no matter what time of year. Just remember, we're here to help if you've been hurt during this holiday season. Don't hesitate to contact us; we're available day or night.