Top 5 Holiday Flicks With Serious Safety Problems

Our 5 Favorite Holiday Movies with Crazy Safety Hazards

The holidays are a great time to get together with friends, family members, and loved ones to enjoy each other's company, spend quality time together, and even watch a movie or two.

When we think of this season, there are a few flicks that always come to mind. We decided to make a list of our favorite holiday movies along with the crazy safety hazards these lovable characters find themselves in.

While some of these holiday hazards might be outlandish, some might ring true for you. So be sure to stay safe this holiday season. Knowing where to look for danger can be the first step in preventing it.

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Top 5 Holiday Flicks with Serious Safety Hazards

Clark Griswold is an expert when it comes to "exterior illumination." However, his ambition for being the brightest on the block is only outweighed by his inability to safely hang his lights.

Who could forget this 1989 Christmas classic where Clark dangles from the gutters like an icicle? Don't get caught by a slip and fall and be sure to take the proper safety precautions when decorating your house.

2. It's a Wonderful Life

Top 5 Holiday Flicks with Serious Safety Hazards

Ah George Bailey, the "richest man in town!" He easily could've been the unluckiest after his trip to the bar.

In this 1946 classic, George careens down the street in his model T, ultimately crashing into a tree. Luckily, no one in Bedford Falls suffered an injury, but drunk driving is a serious danger outside of movie-land.

Parties and get-togethers are staples of the holiday season, but make sure you don't get behind the wheel after you've been drinking. If you're hosting your own winter celebration, check out our holiday mocktails as an interesting alternative to alcohol.

3. The Christmas Story

Top 5 Holiday Flicks with Serious Safety Hazards

You'll shoot your eye out! There was no doubt Ralphie was committed to his "official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle," in this perennial 1983 holiday classic. In the end, Ralphie gets a little more than he bargained for after testing his air rifle in the backyard.

It's important to keep an eye on the dangerous toys and recalls during your holiday shopping. A little education can go a long way to keeping your little ones safe.

Oh and by the way, we don't recommend licking a frozen pole either – even if they triple-dog dare you.

4. Elf

Top 5 Holiday Flicks with Serious Safety Hazards

Navigating a big city on foot can be scary, especially when you have to watch out for the yellow taxis – they don't stop. This 2003 Christmas comedy came loaded with laughs – along with a few bruises for Buddy the Elf.

With slick roads and adverse weather conditions, driving can become a serious hazard over the holidays. If you're traversing the city on foot, know your rights as a pedestrian and be on the lookout for dangerous drivers.

5. Home Alone

Top 5 Holiday Flicks with Serious Safety Hazards

This 1990 family comedy has become a must-watch over the holidays. As Kevin McCallister defends his homestead from two dimwitted thieves, he rigs his house with a number of dangerous traps to ensnare the crooks.

From icy steps, to fiery doorways, to protruding nails from basement stairs, these bumbling thieves are in for one of the worst home invasions ever. This funny film is literally filled with premises liability cases.

So we just hope Kevin and his folks took down the booby-traps before their guests arrived on Christmas day!

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

While our list might highlight the crazy things people do in movies, we hope you have a better sense of safety than Clark Griswold. Make sure to enjoy your holidays and take the necessary precautions this time of year.

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