Tips to Teach Kids

Keep Your Kids Safe With These Tips

Kids and dogs were practically made for each other. They often share many moments of playful fun. However, children are often the number one victims of the dog bite cases we see. More often than not, with a little knowledge and understanding, dog bites can be prevented. We've collected a few tips to teach your kids about keeping safe when meeting new dogs or spending time around them.

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Safety Tips for Meeting Unfamiliar Dogs

Many kids are tempted to excitedly run up to a dog, hug him or kiss him, try to pat his head, or use many of the actions that humans use to show affection. Unfortunately, dogs don't understand these behaviors the same way as humans. In fact, some dogs may feel threatened when approached this way, causing them to panic and attack.

Here are some simple tips to teach your kids when they approach a dog:

  • Always greet a dog by calmly walking up to him.
  • Make sure to ask the owner if you are allowed to pet the dog.
  • If the owner says, "yes," then curl your hand into a light fist and slowly offer the back of your hand for the dog to sniff.
  • Don't try to hug or kiss the dog. Instead, pet him gently under his chin or on his chest.

Being responsible around dogs is the first step toward preventing a dog bite. Understanding a dog's body language can help your child understand if a dog is aggressive or not. Be sure to check out our page on the signs for an aggressive dog.

Tips for Spending Time with Dogs

When kids are spending time around dogs, it's good to keep a few things in mind. Here's a list of quick tips to teach your children:

  • Don't tease a dog.
  • Don't steal a toy or run up to and away from a dog. If the dog is not familiar with you, it may not know you're playing.
  • If you see a "service dog," it's important not to distract him. He's doing an important job for his handler and shouldn't be touched.
  • Be sure to give the dog space, especially if he's sleeping or eating. Wait for him to come to you.
  • Always be careful around a mother dog and her puppies.
  • Sick or old dogs may be in a bad mood and bite.

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