School Accidents

Kids and teenagers spend thousands of hours at school. You send them off in the morning to get an education and learn about the world...never expecting that they could be injured in the very place you expect them to be safe from harm. And yet it happens.

Some accidents are bound to happen. A child can fall down the stairs simply because they tripped, or they can sprain their ankle in gym class. But, if your child was injured and you think the school was responsible because they were negligent in some way, you may have a case. Our lawyers are ready to help you learn your legal options and get your family compensation for your child's injuries.

Child Seriously Injured at School? Know Your Legal Rights

Like daycare facilities, schools have an obligation to protect students. Unfortunately, schools also pose many safety hazards. Here are just a few examples of school accidents:

  • A maintenance worker leaves a ladder in the hallway, and a student trips over it and falls, breaking her wrist in two places.
  • A school undergoing construction has uneven walkways that aren't clearly marked with caution tape or brightly colored paint. A student trips and falls on his face, breaking several bones in his face and causing a scar on his cheek.
  • A child plays a sport in gym class and suffers a concussion because the gym teacher didn't require her to wear the proper safety equipment.
  • A loose handrail causes a high school senior to fall down the stairs. She has permanent nerve damage from a spinal injury, and she loses her scholarship to play basketball in college.
  • School grounds workers don't remove snow and ice from sidewalks, and a student slips and cracks his head on the concrete – suffering a traumatic brain injury.
  • And many more

If the school is responsible for your child's injuries, they should be held accountable. It can be hard to file a legal claim against a public school system – you must be able to prove they are directly responsible for causing the accident, and you need to have an experienced attorney on your side. Private schools may be a bit less complicated, but you also should hire a lawyer to protect your rights and help you navigate the legal system.

Child Injured at School? Get a Free Legal Consultation Now

If your child was seriously injured while at school, and you think someone else was responsible for the accident, you may need legal help from one of our Pennsylvania attorneys. There's only one way to find out if you have a case. Call 412-850-4790 or fill out our form for a free legal consultation.

Remember, evidence disappears quickly, and there are time limits to file a claim. Even if you think your child will fully recover, it's worth a call to learn your legal options, before it's too late.

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