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SUV, Truck, and Car Rollover Accidents

Over the course of more than 30 years, our law firm has seen families struggle with the aftermath that serious car accidents leave behind. The injuries associated with rollover accidents can be especially devastating.

We've helped clients overwhelmed with concerns about their health, medical costs, and the future. We're here to help make sure your medical bills get paid and your family has some type of financial security. It's our job to provide peace of mind that your legal team is taking care of things while you focus on your health.

We know that you have far more questions than answers, and new questions seem to pile up every day. We want you to start getting answers as soon as possible. That's why we're available 24/7. Our legal consultations are completely free and come with no strings attached. Just call us at 412-668-5335 or fill out the form to the right.

You can ask us about anything related to your accident, including whether or not you have a case and how much your case may be worth. If you decide to hire us, there's absolutely no fee unless and until we win your case.

Basic Facts About Rollover Accidents

Even drivers who are operating their vehicle safely and obeying all traffic laws can be involved in a rollover accident. Here are some more facts about rollovers:

  • Most rollover accidents occur when a driver loses control of a vehicle and it "trips" over something. This object can be a curb, tree stump, uneven ground, etc. About three-fourths of all rollover deaths occur in single-vehicle crashes.
  • Rollovers can also happen in multi-vehicle crashes, particularly when a vehicle is struck in the side.
  • Rollovers most often involve SUVs and pickup trucks (SUV rollovers are the most common). This is because their mass is distributed higher off the road relative to the width of the vehicle. Additional passengers and cargo further increase the center of gravity.
  • Rollovers account for less than three percent of all car accidents but are responsible for more than one-third of car accident deaths.
  • Many rollovers lead to partial or full ejection from the vehicle.

Help For People Involved in Rollover Accidents

There are a few things we can promise if you decide to work with us.

  • You'll get the benefit of decades of experience and an entire team of legal professionals on your side.
  • We'll start building your case right away. We'll go to the scene of the accident, collect evidence, talk to witnesses, hire experts, and do what it takes to prove your case.
  • We'll keep track of all deadlines, handle all paperwork, and deal with the insurance companies.
  • We'll tell you what we're doing every step of the way so you understand how your case is progressing.
  • You can ask us any question you have, at any point in time.
  • You will owe us nothing unless and until we win your case. There's no fine print to this guarantee – we'll even cover all upfront expenses.

Time is a factor – the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work, and the stronger your case will be. There are time limits to file a claim and evidence disappears quickly, so we suggest getting in touch as soon as you can. It's free and you're not obligated to use our services.

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