Property Damage Liability

Know the Coverage You Need for Property Damage Liability

Property Damage Liability is a required form of coverage that pays for damages to another person's property when you are responsible for a car accident. Most drivers assume this only applies to the other driver's car. That isn't the case and you can be held financially responsible for damages to homes, fences, light posts, telephone poles, and so on. Carrying the right amount of Property Damage Liability can make all the difference in the world.

Imagine taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds. The car in front of you stops to make a turn, and you don't hit the brakes in time. You wrench the steering wheel hard to your left, trying to miss the turning car, but crash across its driver-side taillight. This sends your car awkwardly into the oncoming lane where you're struck by a passing vehicle.

In an instance, you're responsible for the damage to two different vehicles, and you only carry the state minimum required liability for property damage – $5,000.

The Right Coverage Can Protect You and Your Future

Pennsylvania required minimum Property Damage Liability coverage:

  • $5,000

Our law firm's recommended minimum:

  • $25,000

Knowing the right amount of Property Damage Liability to purchase can help protect your financial future. While it may slightly increase your monthly premium – in some cases by only a few dollars – it could save you thousands when you need it most. If you cause an accident, you are responsible to pay any damages that exceed the limits of your policy.

You could be ordered to pay future wages or liquidate your assets in order to pay the difference between your coverage and the actual cost of damages. Don't get stuck with the bill – get the coverage you need. Changing your policy is easy, but make sure you do it before you need it.

This guide is not a complete summary of the Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Law. It is designed to highlight certain important features of this law and should not be considered legal advice. Everyone has different insurance needs. If you have any questions concerning your coverage, please contact your insurance company representative.

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