Emotional Trauma

If you were injured in an accident – whether it was a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, a fire or explosion, or another type of accident – you know the pain isn't just physical. You may have emotional trauma to deal with, in addition to your injuries. Your entire life may have changed, and maybe it seems like no one understands what you've been through.

Just like physical trauma, treatment for emotional trauma takes the care and attention of trained professionals, which means even more medical expenses. Your emotional trauma may be so severe that you can't work. Paying your bills may seem impossible.

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we've helped thousands of accident victims get money for their injuries. We've seen firsthand the emotional trauma that a traumatic accident can cause. That's why we're here to help you get the money you deserve for your emotional pain and suffering.

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We Fight for Your Right to Compensation

You've already been through enough. The last thing you need is to worry about medical bills, greedy insurance companies, confusing paperwork, and dealing with the hassles alone.

Edgar Snyder & Associates is ready to help you get the money you deserve for your injuries, medical bills, and emotional trauma. Don't go it alone. From the moment you hire our law firm, we go to work for you:

  • Gathering medical records and evidence to support your case
  • Hiring experts to prove that you experienced emotional trauma, if needed
  • Using nearly three decades of legal experience to build the value of your case
  • Helping you figure out your medical bills
  • Answering your questions and helping you understand the legal system
  • Keeping you updated on the progress of your case
  • Traveling to you, wherever you are

If you're still not sure whether hiring a lawyer is worth it, know that we work on a contingent fee policy. That means there's never a fee unless we get money for you. If we don't get you money, all the time, effort, and resources we put into building your case cost us – not you. You have nothing to lose.

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