Dashboard Warning Light You Can't Ignore

Tires Watching Out for Themselves?

If the model year of your car is older than 2008, you may not even know what this symbol means. If it pops up on your dashboard, however, it is probably in your best interest to fix it as soon as possible.

Either appearing as a cross-section of a tire with an exclamation point or a highlighted wheel on a small car diagram, this signal tells you that your tire pressure is getting low. Research shows that nearly 50% of motorists on the road today would not know what this symbol meant if it came up on their dashboard.

The light was put in vehicles to prevent issues caused by underinflated tires. These issues include:

  • Blowouts. Easily the worst thing that can happen to a tire, a blowout can make you lose control of the vehicle and damage other parts of the car.
  • Poor handling. Turns and stops can suddenly become incredibly difficult with bad tires, and that could land you in the middle of an accident.
  • Gas mileage. Deflated tires cause more friction as you drive, meaning your car must expend more power – and consequently, gas – to move at the speed limit. That ultimately costs you money.

Keep your tires full, especially if this mystery warning lights up. If your light comes on repeatedly, then the issue might be the tire, not just the air inside it.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident?

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Source: "Why You Need to Know This Dashboard Symbol." ABC News. June 30, 2014

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