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Americans buy and use hundreds of manufactured products every year. We trust that they'll work safely and without problems. Whether it's toys for our children, car seats, appliances, tools, or any other product, we assume they are built with care and designed to work without issue.

The truth is that sometimes products fail. When the products we trust don't perform as intended, they may cause serious injuries that could change your life forever.

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Our client was injured due to a work-related product defect.

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We'll Determine Who's Responsible for Your Injuries

Every year, manufacturers build and ship billions of products, and, most of the time, they are safe to use. However, occasionally manufacturers issue recalls for defective, unsafe products and mislabeled items. If you've been injured, it's the manufacturer's responsibility for any harm their product caused to you or a loved one.

Each year, faulty products injure thousands of people. These products include:

Trying to face a multi-million dollar manufacturer's team of attorneys without your own legal representation can be nearly impossible. That's why obtaining an experienced attorney is the best decision you could make.

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