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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics for Pennsylvania

Every day, motorcyclists face more threats on the road than most drivers. The wide-open freedom of riding a motorcycle is part of what makes riding an exciting experience. However, with that freedom comes vulnerability. Motorcyclists are at risk every day, especially when other drivers are negligent and don’t share the road.

We’ve compiled some motorcycle accident statistics for Pennsylvania, and we hope that with this data, you’ll find yourself more prepared to take on the dangers of the road.

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Recent PA Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Data for 2013 has yet to be released, but here are statistics from the following years:

2012 Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In 2012, there were 3,985 motorcycle accidents
  • 210 motorcyclists were killed in accidents
  • Of the 210 killed, 10 were passengers
  • 3,919 riders were injured
  • Number of collisions increased 8.6% from 2011
  • Fatal motorcycle accidents increased by 2.5% from 2011
  • 49% of fatal accident riders weren’t wearing helmets

2011 PA Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In 2011, there were 3,641 motorcycle accidents
  • 200 deaths were recorded from these accidents
  • Of the 200 killed, 10 were passengers
  • 3,606 riders were injured
  • Motorcycle accidents decreased 9.4% from 2010
  • There was a 6.5% decrease in fatal motorcycle accidents from 2010
  • 47.2% of fatal accident riders weren’t wearing helmets

2010 PA Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In 2010, there were 4,018 motorcycle accidents
  • 223 motorcyclists were killed in accidents
  • Of the 223 killed, 21 were passengers
  • 3,930 riders were injured
  • Motorcycle accidents increased 7.5% from 2009
  • Fatal motorcycle crashes increased 9.7% from 2009
  • 55.6% of fatal motorcycle accident riders weren’t wearing helmets

For more yearly statistics of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents, visits PennDot’s website for their Crash Facts and Statistic Books.

Other Interesting Motorcycle Statistics

The following statistics occurred on a national scale. We’ve compiled the data into some important points we think you should know:

  • Bikers are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than cars
  • 93,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2012
  • 4,957 fatal motorcycle accidents were recorded in 2012
  • Without a helmet, motorcyclists are 40% more likely to die of head injury
  • Riders are 15% more likely to suffer a nonfatal injury without a helmet

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