BikePGH works to make Pittsburgh safer and more accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians. We partnered with them in an effort to install free bike lights.

What is BikePGH?

Whether through advocacy and policy change, educational opportunities for the public, or community events, BikePGH has made great strides in transforming our city into one that supports alternative modes of transportation.

Operation Illumination

Not only is an unlit bike a safety hazard, it’s also a ticket able offense, and we want to make sure cyclists are protected.

Operation Illumination is an initiative to install free front and rear bike lights for people who need them. Over the course of four pop up events, Edgar Snyder & Associates partnered with BikePGH to give away hundreds of free lights and bike helmets.

Edgar Snyder & Associates is excited to join forces with BikePGH—our organizations are both safety and community oriented—so this partnership makes total sense.
Attorney Brad Trust

How You Can Help

Join a membership of more than 3,500 people who support BikePGH and help them advocate for better biking and walking. The more voices, the stronger their advocacy efforts. With numerous ways to get involved, there is surely a way you can participate in BikePGH’s mission.

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