Dog Bite Laws in the United States

If you've been attacked and injured by a dangerous dog, it's in your best interest to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. When you get a lawyer quickly, more evidence may be gathered to prove your case and the dangerous dog can be stopped before it has the chance to hurt anyone else.

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Every state has different laws regarding a dog owner's liability for dog bites. Some states follow their common law. Other states have enacted statutory law in the form of Dog Bite Statutes. Most often, a Dog Bite Statute abolishes the common law, because, unlike the common law, these statutes don't require a dog bite victim to prove that a dog owner was at fault for an injury. In some states, however, people who have been injured by a dog are able to recover money damages under both the common law and their state's Dog Bite Statute. The following guide outlines state dog bite laws.

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