September 11, 2015

Tips for Late Season Motorcycle Riding

Late Season Motorcycle Riders

Prepare for Fall Riding with These Great Tips

Just because the days get a little shorter, the trees change their color, and the temperature drops a few degrees doesn't mean you have to put your motorcycle away. Not yet, anyway. Fall is a great time of year to get that last bit of riding done.

However, late-season rides introduce a new set of obstacles for the average rider. Make sure you consider these safety tips before heading out on your next fall motorcycle trip.

Anticipate Unpredictable Weather

Late Season Motorcycle Riding

Pennsylvania is known for many things, and the unpredictable weather is one of them. Ask anyone from Western PA and they'll tell you about how it can feel like all four seasons in one day.

Check all the available weather forecasts for your route. It's important to be flexible. If the weatherman calls for rain, consider riding a different day or starting your trip early.

Pack Accordingly

When you're heading out for your late-season motorcycle ride, be sure to prepare for anything – most especially the changes in weather. You should always consider packing a poncho. If it rains, you'll have some protection from the elements.

Layering your outfit is another useful tactic. Wearing warm garments under your riding jacket and pants can help keep your temperature up on cooler fall rides. Remember, when you're riding it can feel anywhere from 10-25 degrees cooler. If the weather warms up, you can always remove an article of clothing to cool down.

Adjust Your Timing

Late Season Motorcycle Riding

After a summer filled with long daylight hours, we recommend adjusting your riding times through fall. Night riding can introduce a plethora of new dangers to motorcyclists, and the days are getting shorter.

When you're planning to ride, simply remember that it will be getting darker earlier as fall goes on. Plan to give yourself plenty of time to get back home, so you aren't stuck out in the dark.

Watch for Increased Wildlife Activity

Cruising those back roads as the leaves change can be as picturesque as it comes. However, deer activity significantly increases through the fall. Whether it's hunting season or mating season, these animals are often seen crossing roads in force during the autumn months.

Try to keep your riding to daylight hours. You'll be more likely to spot deer during the day than at night. Also, if you're riding back roads, always be scanning for possible animal activity. Hitting a deer isn't just damaging, it could be deadly. Find out more about common deer-related accidents in Pennsylvania.

Stay Safe During Your Late-Season Rides

As the leaves change and fall approaches, it's important to stay safe on your motorcycle rides. We know that sometimes you can prepare for the unpredictability of autumn, but you can't prepare for the unpredictability of other motorists.

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