January 1, 2017

Rider Resolutions

Rider Resolutions

As a motorcyclist, what's your New Year's resolution? If you haven't thought of one quite yet, we have some ideas to offer up.

New Safety Equipment

New year, new look. Make a resolution to go through your riding gear and assess what's missing or what could be better.

In our End of Season survey, we were impressed that 100 percent of our survey takers wore at least some form of protective riding gear, ranging from reflective clothing to helmets to gloves. We were also impressed to see that 90 percent of survey takers wore helmets, despite helmets not being required (though overwhelmingly encouraged) in Pennsylvania.

But our team was also surprised to notice that only 95 percent of respondents wore eye protection – even though eye protection is required for all riders in Pennsylvania.

If you're one of those five percent without eye protection, or if you're lacking any other piece of safety gear, January is the perfect time to refresh your safety equipment and wardrobe. Retailers are in need of space for new styles and upgrades, so you're sure to find some after-holiday closeout sales. It's also a good idea to go through pieces you've been wearing for years – your gear's ability to protect you decreases with time and wear.

Take a Safety Course

Making a New Year's resolution to take a motorcycle safety or training course could be even more beneficial to your health than joining a gym or starting a diet. Why? We say it all the time: Your chances of being killed or hurt in a motorcycle accident are much higher if you are not professionally trained.

Over 60 percent of our survey takers did not participate in some form of training this past season. While that doesn't mean they haven't taken one at some point in the past, we encourage riders to attend a training program once every season. Participating every season ensures you’re up-to-date with new technologies, methods, and more. And besides that, every year you become a more advanced rider and might benefit from more advanced training sessions.

Spread the Word and Get Involved

As motorcyclists, we have something very strong in common: a great community to stand with.

The off-season is a great time to get involved with the motorcycle community, so make a resolution to encourage others to take part. It's never too early to encourage a friend to join you for a beginner's motorcycle training course or make reservations for a summer weekend rally like Roar on the Shore (Erie, PA) or Thunder in the Valley (Johnstown, PA).

Nearly 80 percent of our survey takers attended Bike Nights or other motorcycle events this year. If you weren't able to attend an event last year, there are a number you can attend every season, scattered all across many regions.

We wish you a safe and happy New Year!

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