October 27, 2015

Is Your Haunted House Up to Code?

Is Your Haunted House Up to Code?

Don't Make Your Haunted House Scary For the Wrong Reasons

Halloween is a great holiday filled with crazy costumes, tricks, and more than a few treats. Some homeowners really get into the Halloween spirit, transforming their homes into truly spooky spectacles.

If you're a Halloween-head and love to create your own homemade haunted house, there are a few safety issues you should keep in mind. Remember, as a homeowner, you're responsible for any injuries that occur on your property. So follow these tips to keep your spooky spectacle safe and fun for all.

Loose Wires

Is Your Haunted House Up to Code?

Low light, a creepy atmosphere, and dancing shadows can bump your homemade haunted house up to next-level spooky. However, you have to consider any cables or wires you're running along the ground or across doorways.

Keep all these wires clear from pathways and entry points, as they pose potential tripping hazards. If possible, you can string the wires up high, so your walkway remains safe from any possible dangers.

Uneven or Crumbling Steps

If you plan to have your adventurous trick-or-treaters climbing steps, you need to make sure they aren't crumbling, slanted, or potentially dangerous. You're responsible for keeping your guests safe, and warped stairs can pose a serious hazard.

Be sure to make any repairs to stairs or steps that you incorporate into your haunted house. Keep these areas well lit as well. Stairs can pose a serious threat if they're hidden in the dark.

Fire Safety

Is Your Haunted House Up to Code?

While lighting will make your haunted house really stand out, you have to make sure you don't place anything flammable near those bright bulbs. It's important to use flame retardant materials to keep everything as safe as possible.

Check the wattage of the bulbs you're using. If they're likely to get hot, make sure they have enough space between them and any sheeting you've hung. Consider using LED lights as well. They operate at a cooler temperature and are much less of a fire risk. If you're considering candles, try using battery-powered candles instead to minimize a potential fire hazard.

Fog Machines

Fog is a classic staple when constructing your haunted house. It's easy enough to purchase a fog machine or even to use dry ice. However, there are some risks that come along when adding fog for ghastly ambiance.

Safety is your key concern when having kids and adults traverse your homemade haunted house, so be sure all walkways are lit, clear, and visible. Fog can affect your guests' ability to see and navigate your eerie obstacle course. Only allow responsible adults to handle dry ice, as it can cause serious burns.

Stay Safe This Halloween

From everyone at our law firm, we hope you stay safe this Halloween. Remember to check out our Halloween Safety Infographic for great tips on taking your kids trick-or-treating this year.

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