November 1, 2018

Giving Back Spotlight: The Heyward House

Giving Back Spotlight: The Heyward House

A Season of Giving Thanks to Those Who Give Back

Last month, we were honored to receive a Corporate Citizenship Award from the Pittsburgh Business Times. The best part of the award, however, was the opportunity it gave us to talk about the amazing work being done by one of our community partners: The Heyward House.

It has been an inspiration to be a part of their work in our region, and we want as many people as possible to know what they (and other local organizations) are accomplishing. That’s why, throughout the holiday season, we would like to highlight some of the community partners we’ve been fortunate to work with throughout the years. We are thankful to be a part of their mission and are continually inspired by all the ways they give back.

First up: The Heyward House.

The Heyward House and KidsVoice

The Heyward House

Football player Cam Heyward started The Heyward House in 2015, and our partnership with his foundation began that very same year. Cam’s dream was to help children who are the most vulnerable and underserved in our community, and we wanted to work with him to accomplish that goal.

The first event we participated in was Cam’s Annual Birthday Bash for children from KidsVoice. KidsVoice is an organization that advocates for the legal rights of kids in the child welfare system. Many of these children don’t get birthday parties or celebrations of their own, so Cam decided that he would throw a party for them. There are presents, cake, food, and best of all – one-on-one time with Cam and his teammates. That first party was really special – seeing the kids’ faces, learning a little bit about their stories, watching Cam interact with them – we couldn’t wait for what the future would hold for The Heyward House.


The Heyward House and Blessings in a Backpack

KidsVoice isn’t the only organization that The Heyward House supports. Did you know that one in five children faces food insecurity? For some kids, the food that they get at school through breakfast and lunch programs is the only food that they eat all day. That’s where Blessings in a Backpack comes in. This amazing organization provides backpacks full of food for kids to take home on the weekends. We were honored to work with Cam to adopt a local school to make sure that every student who needed one could have a backpack of food for the weekend. Cam and his foundation have also been hands-on in the school – visiting the kids, reading to them, and buying the students backpacks and school supplies.

The Heyward House and UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

The Heyward House’s most recent partnership is with another really special group of people – UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Child Advocacy Center. The Center provides evaluations and services to children and adolescents who may be victims of abuse or neglect. We’re helping The Heyward House contribute clothing, school supplies, and transportation for families in need.

Some of our staff and partners recently attended The Heyward House’s fourth annual Steel & Stakes dinner. This is always a great night – all of the guests get to learn about the foundation’s accomplishments over the past year and about what it has planned for the future. It’s exciting to see how much Cameron’s impact grows and how that impact has positively affected so many people.

If you are interested in learning more about The Heyward House and how you can get involved, you can check out their website.

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