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Workers' compensation is in place to make sure injured workers receive replacement wages and medical coverage. If you've been hurt at work, start by reporting your injury to your employer. You have 120 days to tell them you were injured at work. From there, they'll forward your claim to the insurance company.

But sometimes, it's not always such a simple process. The insurance company can deny your claim, or your employer might be threatening to stop your workers' compensation benefits. Or maybe you just want off workers' compensation with a lump sum settlement. That's where our experienced workers' compensation attorneys can step in.

Did the insurance company deny your workers' compensation claim? We'll help you appeal their decision, so you can recover the money you need for your lost wages and medical expenses.

Did you receive a letter to modify, suspend, or terminate your workers' compensation payments? You have options. Our experienced attorneys can help you keep the workers' compensation payments you deserve.

Looking for a lump sum settlement for your workers' compensation? We'll help you get the best settlement possible for your workers' compensation claim. You need to plan for unexpected, future expenses, so you aren't left holding the bill.

Workers' Compensation or Personal Injury Claim

Like we said, navigating the workers' compensation system isn't always such a simple ordeal. In some situations, you may be entitled to more than just workers' comp benefits. The line between workers' compensation and personal injury can get blurred more easily than you think.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your work injury, you may be entitled to compensation from a personal injury case – not workers' comp. If another company (be it the manufacturer of a faulty product, someone from a different employer at your job site, or someone else) somehow played a part in your injury, you might have what is called a third-party injury claim.

We don't recommend tackling a third-party claim alone. Our experienced workers' comp and personal injury teams will work together to piece through the details and figure out what you deserve – so that you can focus on getting better.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How will taking a light-duty job affect your workers' compensation payments?
:: Answer ::

If you return to work and you make:

  • The same amount of money or more money than what you made before you were hurt, your payment for lost wages will be suspended.
  • Less money than you made before you were hurt, you will receive lost wage payments in the form of partial disability benefits.

Partial disability payments equal approximately 2/3 of the difference between what you make now and what you made before you were hurt.

Example: You make $300 per week at your light duty job. Before you were injured, you made $450 per week. The difference between the two pay rates is $150 per week. Your partial disability payment would be 2/3 of $150, or approximately $100.

Your payment can not go over the maximum weekly payment rate that was set for the year you were injured. If you were injured in 2014, your weekly maximum in Pennsylvania is $932.

Recently Hurt at Work?

We'll get you the information you need for your workers' compensation claim. We can help you understand the process and what to do if the insurance company won't cooperate.

Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system can be complicated and frustrating. The more you know about the process, the better you'll be able to understand what steps to take if your claim is in trouble.

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