What if I Can't Work? What Are My Options?

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When people are injured in an accident, oftentimes their biggest concern is that they won't be able to work and make money to pay their bills. If you became an accident victim, you may worry how you'll make ends meet. The medical bills pile up, and you're not sure where to turn.

If you're wondering what to do and what legal options you have, we're here to help. Your options depend on the type of accident:

If you were injured in a car accident…

  • If you were injured in a car accident, you can rely on your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy to help if you've chosen to add Income Loss coverage. This type of coverage is optional, but it can be very helpful for car accident victims when they need it most. If you have Income Loss coverage on your policy, your insurance company will pay 80% of your lost income after the first 5 days of work you miss, up to the maximum amount you've selected on your policy.

If you were injured on the job…

  • You can receive Workers' Compensation under Pennsylvania law. However, you must miss work and be under a doctor's care for at least 14 work days to be eligible for payments for lost wages for the first 7 days you missed. You may need to see a company doctor to receive Workers' Compensation through your employer's insurance company. The amount you receive is based on the amount you make per week (on average), and whether you're able to return to a light-duty job. If you can do a light-duty job that pays less than the job you held before, Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation will make up some of the difference between the two salaries. Read more about your Workers' Compensation options.

If your accident or injury left you disabled…

  • If you suffered an injury that left you with permanent damage or will last for at least a year, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. However, your injuries or disabilities must prevent you from working full time. You must be diagnosed by a physician and undergo treatment. Learn more about Social Security disability benefits and find out if you may be eligible.
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