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I decided to call Edgar Snyder & Associates.

His team are just, I mean, they were fantastic.

I would have had to go back and live with family or be homeless. That would have been my only two options if Edgar Snyder would have not taken over.

Edgar Snyder made everything much, much easier.

If it wasn't for Edgar Snyder's group I would have never been able to do it.

Edgar Snyder's team was the best decision we made.

For a free consultation call Edgar Snyder & Associates at 1-800-9-4EDGAR.

He actually gave me my life back.

Never seeing a friend's face again. Being unable to work. Waking up in a hospital. Having no idea where to turn. These are desperate situations. You never think you'll be in one, but it can happen in a second. Unfortunately, this is where many of our clients find themselves.

At Edgar Snyder & Associates, we've helped over 50,000 injury victims in Western Pennsylvania since opening our doors in 1982. When you work with us, your best interests aren't just represented by a compassionate, experienced legal team. Your legal team takes on your case with great personal investment, as if it were the case of a loved one.

But you've heard us talk about our expertise, our years of knowledge, and our success. Now we want you to hear from the people that experienced all that first hand – our clients.

We invite you to hear the stories of seven of our former clients. They'll take you through their stories of tragedy, frustration, and need – and how Edgar Snyder & Associates was there to help each of them.

You’ll meet two victims of motorcycle crashes – David who was paralyzed from the waist down and Derk who faces losing his leg. Then, we’ll introduce you to five people who were injured on the job and needed our help to navigate the Workers’ Compensation system, including Alex, Marc, Cindy, Denise and Robyn.

Learn about Tara as well as husband and wife, Bo and Joyce, whose lives were turned upside down by drunk drivers. You'll also meet Bryan, who was injured as a result of a careless driver, and Mary Frances, who suffered severe injuries after being struck while crossing the street.

We're so thankful and humbled to have these clients come forward and share their stories. While there's nothing that can make up for the tragedies that our clients suffered, we're honored to have helped them get back on their feet.

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