Why You Should Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

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You Need an Experienced Attorney If Your Loved One Was Killed in An Accident

A lot of extra work went into crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's to make sure that everything was all squared away. My whole legal team did a lot of work to prove themselves and to prove the case. They were all very understanding and very responsive to my needs." – Client whose mother was killed in a car accident

The decision to hire an attorney to handle your wrongful death claim – and the decision to hire the right attorney – can seriously affect your future.

Wrongful death cases are complex. It takes a special combination of knowledge, experience, and skill to handle them correctly. It's not enough to try these cases from time to time. A qualified attorney is one that has years of experience handling all different types of wrongful death claims.

We have that experience and are here to answer any legal questions you may have. Our phones answer 24/7, and our consultations are absolutely free. Furthermore, if you hire our firm, there's no fee unless we get compensation for you. Call 412-394-1000 or fill out the form at the top right of this page.

Keep in mind that there are time limits to file a claim - the sooner you get in touch with us, the better.

Wrongful Death Cases are Complicated

We know the ins and outs of wrongful death cases. We've handled all different types, including tractor trailer accidents, construction accidents, defective product cases, and more.

Here are some things we've learned along the way that we think you should know:

  • Wrongful death cases are very complicated. They typically require extensive investigation and research, and you need an attorney who has the knowledge and skill to handle them properly.
  • Wrongful death claims often involve insurance companies and businesses that work as hard as possible protect their bottom line. To them, your loved one is a claim number and it's their job to offer you much less money than you deserve. We know how to stand up to them.
  • Wrongful death laws are extremely complex, especially in determining the amount of money you and your loved ones are entitled to receive. We know how to interpret and apply these laws to protect your rights.
  • Hiring the wrong attorney can have devastating consequences. An attorney who doesn't have the right experience can make decisions that hurt your financial future. We know exactly what we have to do to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

Working through complicated legal decisions is difficult in the best of times, let alone after the tragic loss of a loved one. We're here to take on that burden for you and your family.

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And of course, if you hire our firm, there's no fee unless we get compensation for you.