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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Work Comp Attorney?

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Anyone Can Afford to Hire Our Law Firm

Many people get their ideas of attorneys from movies and TV. From high-tension courtroom scenes to last minute plot twists, a lot of the things people "know" about lawyers have very little to do with the reality of practicing law. One of the big myths we hear is that you have to be wealthy to hire an attorney.

While some firms do bill clients an hourly rate or charge people upfront, we don't. We work on what's called a "contingency fee." That means that you don't pay us a thing unless and until we win your claim.

  • There are no hourly fees
  • There are no retainer fees
  • There are no upfront costs
  • There are no hidden costs

Even our legal consultation is free, so if you have questions about your Pennsylvania work comp claim, get in touch with us. We can help if your claim was denied or if you need help filing one. Call us at 412-394-1000 or fill out the form to the right.

Contingency fees allow you to choose your lawyer based on experience and track record instead of how much it costs. You can hire the best law firm to handle your claim and not worry that it will interfere with your ability to pay bills or take care of your family.

Since you don't have to worry about how much it will cost to hire us, the only thing that's left to consider is what you stand to lose if you don't.

Frequently Asked Questions
What forms should I sign? What forms should I not sign?
:: Answer ::

The Workers' Compensation Bureau prints almost all forms on the same color paper, and they can be very confusing. You should make sure you read the documents very carefully. In Pennsylvania, if you sign a document, the Courts believe that you have read it and understood it, and they will enforce what you have signed, even if you made a mistake.

You should sign the following forms:

  • Authorization for Medical Records: This form releases your medical records so that the insurance company can review them to process your claim.
  • Employee Verification Form: You must complete this form whether or not you have earnings from alternative employment. You must return this form within 30 days of receipt or jeopardize your right to receive benefits.

Be careful if you are asked to sign the following forms. Our law firm recommends that you do not sign these until you have first consulted with an attorney:

  • Supplemental Agreement: Usually this form states that you can go back to work and your claim is still open. However, this form may state that your benefits are being terminated. Do not sign this form unless you are fully recovered from your injury.
  • Final Receipt: Do not sign this form unless you are fully recovered from your injury. If you are being pressured to sign and you don't think you are completely recovered, our Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys can help.

Not Hiring a Work Comp Attorney Could Cost You

We can't tell you how many times we've heard clients say, "I thought I could handle it on my own." It's an understandable assumption, but people quickly learn that their employer's insurance company is just that – their employer's insurance company. Once you file your claim, you become the opposition, and it's their job to win.

They have a number of tactics they can use to get the upper hand – from delaying your claim to offering you lowball lump sum settlements – and they bet on you not taking a stand against them.

What's more, if you end up at a workers' compensation hearing without an attorney, it's likely that the judge will advise you to hire a lawyer before you proceed. That's because they've seen both sides of the system at work and understand that an experienced workers' compensation attorney will give you the best chance of getting the benefits you deserve.

What We Do to Win Your Case

We've been handling Pennsylvania workers' compensation claims for decades. After helping over 8,000 injured workers, we know what it takes to get the job done.

  • We gather medical evidence and medical records
  • We deal with your employer's insurance company
  • We complete the claim petition and submit it for you
  • We contact medical providers and handle the paperwork
  • We answer your questions about your claim
  • We monitor your case and keep you updated on its progress
  • We keep track of unpaid bills while the case is pending and protect you from collection agencies
  • We help you prepare for the hearing with the workers' compensation judge
  • We schedule physician depositions – where your doctor(s) talk about your injury and treatment
  • And more

In addition to all of this, we give you peace of mind. We can't tell you the relief we've seen on clients' faces when they realize that they don't have to fight through the work comp system any more.

If you hire us, you'll know that your claim is being handled by an entire team of professionals – from attorneys to support staff – who do this day in and day out. You can focus on yourself and your health and let us handle your workers' compensation claim.