Workers' Compensation Lost Wages

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Lost Wages from an Accident at Work?

Suffering an injury at work is frustrating, especially when it prevents you from collecting regular paychecks for you and your loved ones. You're sidelined with your injury, wondering, "What are we going to do if I can't work?" That's an important question to ask, and it's one that we can help you answer.

We can get your lost income through workers' compensation and help you get back on your feet. Our experienced legal professionals are standing by 24/7 to answer your questions. Fill out our free legal consultation to get started, or simply call us at 1-866-943-3427. It's absolutely free.

Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system is like a gigantic roadmap that's difficult to navigate. It seems like there are many alleys and avenues that can lead you to dead ends or turn you around in circles. That's why we're here. We guide you and help you get the money you deserve.

Types of Lost Wage Payments

We want to make sure you understand the workers' compensation system. Did you know there are two different types of compensation you can collect if you claim lost wages? They are largely dependent on the severity of your injury and your level of disability.

Total Disability

When you're collecting workers' compensation for lost wages, you're able to collect a portion of your job's gross weekly pay up to a maximum amount. In Pennsylvania, your compensation is based on the average amount of money you make per week at your current job.

The amounts for 2014 are as follows:

  • If you make over $1,398.00 per week, your maximum compensation will be $932.00/week.
  • If you make between $1,398.00 and $699.01, you will be given 66% of your average weekly wage.
  • If your average weekly wages fall between $699.00 and $517.78, your weekly compensation amount will be $466.00.
  • Your workers' compensation will be 90% of your gross weekly wages if you make $517.77 or less.

Partial Disability

If you are able to return to a "light duty" assignment that pays less than your previous position, you can collect partial disability. Pennsylvania's workers' compensation program says that you can collect two-thirds of the difference of the two salaries for a maximum of 500 weeks (9.5 years).

For example:

  • You made $500/week at your job before your injury.
  • After feeling better, you were offered a "light duty" position that paid $400/week.
  • Your workers' compensation would pay two-thirds (66%) of that difference between your original pay ($500) and your light duty pay ($400).
  • In other words, workers' compensation would give you two-thirds of $100 ($66). That means you would end up making the sum of $466/week for your light duty assignment with Partial Disability for workers' compensation added.

More Information on Lost Wages

It's important to note that you will never receive a "cost of living adjustment," otherwise known as C.O.L.A., while you are enrolled in the workers' compensation program. Your payments will remain the same for as long as they continue.

Don't forget, if you're collecting Social Security Disability (or have other sources of income), it can impact the amount of money you receive through workers' compensation.

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