Vocational Interviews & Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Benefits

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What is a Vocational Interview?

Vocational interviews are used by workers' compensation insurance carriers to determine what, if any, type of employment you can handle.

During the interview, the vocational expert will gather information on your physical condition, vocational background, and educational history. The expert will then create a "labor market survey" or "earning power assessment" that summarizes the jobs he or she believes you are capable of performing based on the results of the interview.

The vocational interview and labor market survey can be used as evidence that your Pennsylvania work comp benefits should be modified or stopped.

You've Been Asked to Attend a Vocational Interview… What Now?

If you've been asked to complete a vocational interview or survey, you should contact an attorney right away. In most instances, the person who will conduct your interview is working on behalf of your employer and is not there to protect your best interests.

If you go to an interview without an attorney present, you could say something that will affect your ability to receive workers' compensation benefits in the future. Contact us if you've been asked to go on a vocational interview. Our legal consultations are free and we're available 24/7. Call 412-394-1000, or fill out a free legal consultation.

You Disagree With the Results of a Vocational Interview/Labor Market Survey

If you've already completed a vocational interview and disagree with the results, you should contact an attorney ASAP. It's possible to dispute the findings of the labor market survey, but you need an attorney to do so.

We're here to stand up for you and protect your right to workers' compensation benefits. We'll explain your options and help you figure out where to go from here. Our Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys and legal support staff have years of experience interpreting work comp law – it's our job to navigate the system, not yours.

If you have concerns about your benefits, contact us today. Give us a call at 412-394-1000, or fill out our free legal consultation.