Winter Weather Accident

After several lucky months of unusually warm weather, winter has finally caught up to us.

Those living in Western and Central Pennsylvania can count on having a normal winter from here on out – and by normal, we mean freezing temperatures, heavy snow storms, and icy conditions. Winter conditions increase the likelihood of accidents caused by low visibility, slippery surfaces, uneven roads and walkways, reckless drivers, and a number of other issues.

Even if there's not snow, other conditions still pose a risk. As temperatures drop, any water or slush left on roads or walkways can freeze over, causing serious car accidents or falls. Be sure that you're prepared not only for snow, but also for occasional sub-zero temperatures.

If you're hurt in a winter accident, find out if you have a case. Edgar Snyder & Associates has experience investigating accidents that occur in dangerous conditions like snow and ice. For more information and to get help, visit our Winter Car Accident and Winter Slip & Fall centers.

Not Injured? Protect Yourself with Our Winter Safety Center