Wrongful Death: Fatal Truck Accident Cases

Wrongful Death

Fatal Truck Accidents and Wrongful Death Cases

The loss of a family member or loved one is devastating – even more so when it's the result of someone else's negligence. Accidents resulting in fatalities that involve large trucks, semis, and tractor-trailers are all too often the result of overworked drivers or neglectful trucking companies.

In fact, occupants of passenger vehicles – not truck drivers themselves – account for 67% of all deaths after a fatal truck accident. After unexpectedly losing a loved one, you're likely filled with questions. Why did this happen? Who is responsible? How can I pay these bills?

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Hiring an Attorney for a Trucking Accident Death

We believe you should be able to focus on your family and the memory of your departed loved one after an accident. That means not having to worry about the hassles of insurance companies, medical bills, truck company lawyers and investigators, and more.

Our law firm has years of experience dealing with the aftermath of fatal truck accidents. Massive truck companies often have teams of lawyers who will fight against any claim brought against their company. Edgar Snyder & Associates will stand up for you and your deceased loved one.

We know there's no amount of money that can ever make up for the death of a family member. But you shouldn't have to suffer financially from someone else's negligence. We'll help you recover compensation for the following:

  • Loss of Companionship
  • Loss of Future Financial Contributions
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Funeral and Burial Expenses
  • Medical Bills
  • Grief and Emotional Damage
  • And Much More

Don't go it alone. We're here 24/7 to help with your wrongful death case after a fatal truck accident. Our team of lawyers will handle the hassles, so you can focus on honoring the memory of your family member.

Over 30 Years of Success and Experience with Fatal Accident Cases

Trucking companies will fight to protect their best interests after an accident. That means they have the resources to fight against most claims. It also means you should consult with an attorney after a truck accident takes the life of a family member.

Our law firm has the resources, experience, and history of success to prevent big trucking companies from sweeping your wrongful death claim under the rug. We don't back down until you've received the justice you deserve.

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We'll answer your legal questions around wrongful death trucking accident cases and help you determine the best course of action for you and your family. Our legal consultations are free, and there's never a fee unless we recover money for you.

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