Truck Accidents Due to Driver Fatigue

Truck Driver Fatigue

What is Driver Fatigue?

Driver fatigue can result when you don't get enough sleep or don't get enough quality sleep. Though being tired is something many of us experience, it can impair driving in many of the same ways that alcohol does.

Nodding off, slow reaction time, drifting from your lane, poor decision making, and experiencing tunnel vision (losing sight of what's in your peripheral vision) are just some of the side effects of fatigue while driving.

Driver fatigue leads to tens of thousands of accidents and injuries each year, and truck accidents caused by fatigue can be especially serious. According to national statistics, fatigue-related accidents account for about 13 percent of large truck accidents in the United States each year.

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Signs and Causes of Truck Driver Fatigue

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are certain people who are more likely to experience driver fatigue. These include:

  • Truck drivers and those who drive other commercial vehicles
  • People who work shifts longer than eight hours
  • People who work the night shift

Accidents due to fatigue are preventable, and you should look out for the following warning signs when you're behind the wheel:

  • Yawning or frequent blinking
  • Difficulty remembering the last few miles you drove
  • Driving on rumble strips
  • Drifting out of your lane
  • Missing your exit

If you were involved in an accident you suspect could have involved truck driver fatigue, it's important to contact an experienced attorney right away. The truck company starts building their case as soon as an accident occurs, and you should too.

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Laws Truck Drivers Must Follow to Prevent Fatigue-Related Accidents

Federal truck driver fatigue laws are in place to help keep everyone on the road as safe as possible. It's our job to know those fatigue laws inside and out so that we can fully protect our clients' rights.

Here is an overview of some truck driver fatigue rules and regulations:

  • Truck drivers can drive 11 hours each day after 10 consecutive off-duty hours.
  • Truck drivers must take at least one 30-minute break during the first eight hours of their shift.
  • Truck drivers may not drive more than 14 consecutive hours.

However, these rules don't always prevent driver fatigue. Fourteen hours of driving can be exhausting, and some truck drivers are under pressure to hit delivery or mileage goals that can lead to dangerous driving situations.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Accident Was Caused by Driver Fatigue

Determining what caused a truck accident can be a complex process. Proving that a truck accident was caused by driver fatigue or that a truck driver sleeping while driving was a contributing factor can require additional resources.

That's why it's important to contact an experienced attorney if you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a truck.

The right attorney can investigate the driver's records (logbooks, receipts of tolls, gas receipts, hotel receipts, etc.) to calculate how long a truck driver was on the road. He or she can also use surveillance footage to assess the driver's actions, demeanor, and sometimes even the accident itself.

We have an entire team of investigators that is dedicated to building our clients' cases right from the start.

Furthermore, truck accident cases can involve multiple parties: the driver, the trucking company, the insurance company, contractors, defective parts manufacturers, and even state or local governments that can be responsible for poor road conditions.

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