Social Security Disability Statistics

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Information for Social Security Disability changes every year. We know it's confusing to keep up with the data, so we've provided some quick statistics.

More than 8.9 million Americans are already collecting Social Security Disability, but it's important to note that over two-thirds of new SSD applicants are rejected each year. We're here to help you get your money, whether it's the first time you've applied or if you're in need of an appeal.

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2017 Social Security Disability Statistics

  • In December 2017, 10,059,166 people were receiving Social Security benefits
  • There were 8,695,475 disabled workers in 2017
  • In 2017, 2,179,900 Social Secuirty applications were submitted with 762,100 (35 percent) being awarded
  • 66 million people received benefits from Social Security programs in 2016
  • 5.5 million people were newly awarded SS benefits in 2016

2013 Social Security Disability Statistics

  • In 2013, there were 2,640,100 applications submitted to the Social Security Administration.
  • Of the 2,640,100 applicants, only 884,894 were awarded Social Security Disability payments.
  • That means that 1,755,206 applications were denied SSD benefits in 2013.
  • The number of applications that were awarded payments in 2013 went down 9.7% from 2012.
  • The average monthly amount awarded to SSD applicants is $1,224.77.
  • There has been a 28% increase in applications in the last 10 years.
  • The Social Security Administration terminated nearly 768,000 recipients' benefits in 2013
  • Arthritis is the leading cause of disability, followed by spine problems, then heart problems are the third leading cause, and forth is mental or emotional problems.

2012 Social Security Disability Statistics

  • In 2012, the number of applications submitted was 2,820,812.
  • Only 979,973 applications were awarded SSD benefits.
  • 1,840,839 people were denied SSD benefits in 2012.
  • From the previous year, awarded payments for 2012 went down by 4.39%.

2011 Social Security Disability Statistics

  • In 2011, 2,878,920 applications were submitted for SSD benefits.
  • Only 1,025,003 of those applications were awarded benefits.
  • There were 1,853,917 people denied benefits in 2011.
  • The amount of awarded payments in 2011 went down by 2.62% from the previous year.
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