Homeowner Liability

Homeowner Liability

Homeowners Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners – especially homeowners – have a responsibility to keep their homes safe and hazard free for their visitors. If an injury occurs at a home, the homeowner – and more importantly the homeowners' insurance – can be held responsible for medical bills.

This falls under the legal term "premises liability," which states that homeowners must keep their properties safe for guests. This includes shoveling snow, clearing ice from pathways, securing loose cords, and much more.

Who's Affected by Homeowner Liability?

Homeowners are clearly responsible for those who enter their property. But first, we have to define who those "guests" would be. The following people would be affected by premises liability in different ways if they were injured at someone's home:

  • Licensee – This term refers to family members and guests. Though they have no contractual relationship with the homeowner, they are permitted to be on the property.

  • Invitees – These are people who have been expressly invited to someone's property. This includes construction workers, contractors, and postal workers – anyone whose invitation is implied.

  • Trespassers – Trespassers are people who enter a property without the expressed consent of the landowner. While you might not want that salesman knocking on your door, you still have to keep your property safe for him or her. Homeowners aren't able to set traps for trespassers, and the home must be reasonably safe for all.

Common Accidents at Home

Our law firm frequently sees the following accidents:

  • Failing to remove snow and ice, causing a slip and fall
  • Cracking, crumbling, or uneven pavement or steps
  • Yard work or house construction that isn't roped off
  • Ladders and other equipment that isn't stored properly
  • Unlit walkways and steps, including malfunctioning motion-activated lights
  • Unsafe interior home construction, such as uneven steps, broken railings, etc.
  • And many more

Who Pays for Your Medical Bills?

Often times, when you suffer a falling accident at someone's home, they are a friend, family member, or loved one. The last thing you want to do is cause a fuss or "sue" someone you care about.

That's why it's important to understand who pays your medical bills. The homeowner is typically required to carry homeowner's insurance, which is exactly what it sounds like. This form of insurance will financially protect the homeowner if someone is injured at their house.

That means the insurance company will pay for your medical bills – not your friend or loved one. They purchase this insurance for the expressed purpose of protecting themselves if an accident occurs on their property.

If you're a homeowner yourself, you'll want to make sure you're protected in the event of an accident on your property. Be sure to check the limits of your homeowner's insurance to financially protect yourself in case someone gets hurt at your house.

We Can Help if You've Been Injured at a Home

Slip and fall injuries can be far more serious than people think. Sometimes the effects of an injured elbow, hurt leg, or concussion might not be immediately recognized. Make sure you know exactly what to do after a slip and fall accident.

As always, we're standing by if you need legal help after your accident. If the insurance company is denying your claim or giving you the runaround, we'll step in and stand up to them.

Remember, it's free to speak with us and there's never any obligation to hire our law firm when you call.