Why Does Time Matter?

Why Does Time Matter

Time is a crazy thing. Your life can change in a split second – for better or for worse. If you were in a car accident or fell and injured yourself, it may be for worse. But in the emergency room, 5 minutes can feel like 5 hours. You may have to wait to see a doctor or to hear news about a loved one, and it may feel unbearable. Meanwhile, evidence can disappear in a matter of seconds. An employee may mop up the puddle that caused you to fall in the store, or the icy patch that caused you to wreck may melt.

When you're injured, time matters. It matters to preserve evidence, and it matters for your case. There are time limits to file a claim, so don't wait to see if your injury gets better on its own. Get the medical treatment necessary, and call Edgar Snyder & Associates any time, day or night, to protect your legal rights and find out what you should do.

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