AlloDerm Human Tissue Patch

Medical Operation

Did you receive an AlloDerm human tissue patch for an abdominal hernia? Did you suffer complications? Did your hernia come back?

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History of AlloDerm and Abdominal Hernia Recurrences

The AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix, also known simply as AlloDerm, is a human tissue patch that was originally developed by LifeCell Corporation in 1994. The patches are made from natural tissue and are supposed to support tissue regeneration.

Originally, AlloDerm was used to replace skin for burn victims. Then doctors began to find more uses for the product. To date, more than one million grafts and implants have been used for reconstructive surgeries and other medical procedures.

But recent research shows that AlloDerm may not be successful in treating abdominal hernias. A study conducted by the Department of Surgery at Fairview Hospital (Cleveland Clinic Health System) reported that, of the 70 patients included in the study, 20 percent suffered hernia recurrences. In other words, nearly one of four patients had a hernia come back and needed additional medical treatment or surgery.

More studies on AlloDerm are still in progress, but they show the potential for 100 percent failure in abdominal hernia repair.

What Should I Do if I Have Problems With My AlloDerm Skin Graft?

LifeCell says the AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix is safe and effective for abdominal hernia repair. But with a high failure rate and the potential for serious complications, that isn't the case. And did you know the maker of the medical product is responsible for warning and protecting people against injuries? It's called manufacturer responsibility.

If you underwent abdominal hernia repair with AlloDerm and you're experiencing complications or think your hernia has come back, get medical treatment right away. Then, contact Edgar Snyder & Associates to find out if you have a case.

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