Types of Farm Equipment

Farm Equipment

You're bound to come across the occasional dangerous situation when working on a farm. Chances are you'll encounter a defective product at some point -- a tool, a piece of machinery, or farming equipment. You can protect yourself from faulty or recalled farm equipment by learning to identify some of the most potentially dangerous products.

Some of the most common types of defective farm equipment include:

  • air seeders
  • backhoes
  • balers
  • cattle farming equipment
  • chisel plows
  • combine harvesters
  • conveyor belts
  • cotton pickers
  • cotton strippers
  • cultivators
  • drum mowers
  • feed grinders
  • flail shredders
  • front-end loaders
  • harrows
  • harvesters
  • hay rakes
  • integral planters
  • log splitters
  • manure spreaders
  • mowers
  • pickup trucks
  • ploughs
  • potato diggers
  • potato planters
  • power tillers
  • precision drills
  • pump units
  • rear loaders
  • rotary tillers
  • rotavators
  • round balers
  • sack elevators
  • seed drills
  • single tine-separation systems
  • spading machines
  • sprayers
  • square balers
  • straw shredders
  • subsoilers
  • sulky plows
  • tedders
  • terragaters
  • timber forwarders
  • tractors
  • trailers
  • transplanters
  • vacuum tankers
  • windrowers
  • and more

Farm Equipment Injuries?

Simply put – farm equipment can be very dangerous, especially if the machine you're using is defective and not working properly. Any of these types of equipment can cause serious injuries, or even death. Accidents involving defective farm equipment can be devastating for both the person injured and the farm as a whole.

But with help from our Pennsylvania lawyers at Edgar Snyder & Associates, you can get compensation for your injuries and help to plan for the future. We have a longstanding history of successful verdicts and settlements, and we have high standards of client care.

From the moment you hire our attorneys, we go to work on your product liability case:

  • We bring in our own investigators to gather and preserve evidence.
  • We take photos and video, and hire experts when necessary to prove your farm equipment injury case.
  • We research every detail of the tool, machinery, or equipment that caused your injuries.
  • We gather your medical records and other documents we need.
  • We keep you updated on the progress of your case, answering your questions quickly and treating you with the respect you deserve as a farmer or farm worker.
  • We help you figure out your medical bills and paperwork, which can be very confusing.
  • If you can't come to one of our Pennsylvania locations, we'll travel to you.
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